Thursday, August 3, 2017

Culture Clash Speed Up Shorts and Wunder Unders Plus More

Run the Day Bra, Speed Up Shorts, Energy Bra, and Wunder Unders in Culture Clash print. I'm excited to get the CC items I ordered.

Speed Up Shorts and Home Stretch SS

Final Lap SS and LS with Culture Clash Speed Up Shorts and Wunder Under Tights.

Pace Perfect Bra with Culture Clash Wunder Unders & Fast and Free Bra with Reveal Tights.

New Speed Up Tights and Dark Forest Final Lap SS

Final Lap Bra and Home Stretch Shorts

Cardio Squad Jacket and Reveal Crop

Culture Clash Wunder Under Tights.


Kim NGO said...

what color did you get your speed up tights in? I'm curious to see what pelt looks like :)

Amy said...

I'm curious about the Speed up tights as well!

Jess said...

I got the Run Times II shorts in the CC print and really like the print in person. I'm still not pleased with how the Run Times sizes are now, but I guess it's the new normal. I used to comfortably wear a 4 and the new 4s are booty shorts they're so tight. Yet the 6s feel too loose. I kept the 6s and ran in them today. They were fine but they can't stretch out at all or else I'll be having to tie the waistband and that way lies chaffing!

Anonymous said...

I tried the Run Times II shorts in my normal tts and they fit exactly the same as my others.

I've always had to cinch the waists on my speeds and Run Times when i'm running in them. I've never had chafing from the inside cinch. I don't even feel it. If you do bunny ears and loop it through twice (vs once like when you start to tie a shoe) and then pull, it will stay. Bonus is you never have knots to undo and you just pull it to undo it. No knots, no fuss, lays flat.

I'm interested to see how the Speed Up shorts fit in comparison to speeds. I own a ton of speed shorts so not like I need anymore but will be interesting to see how they fit in comparison.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the only one not that excited about this print. It just seems like something that would make me look bigger at the bottom. And, it looks similar to another print Lulu put out a year ago approximately that ended up on WMTM

Anonymous said...

More of the new style Pace bras? These are horrible. No support! The band goes so low on me its more of a half shirt than bra! Thank god I hoarded previous year's Pace styles. Looking at Lululemon new releases makes me sad, gone is the joy.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out the tie - as I have to cinch mine, too. Do you cut the inner waist tie to be able to do bunny ears?

Anonymous said...

At Anon 8:09am -

No, do not cut the cinch!

Pull it out and make bunny ears. Now make like you are tying a shoe, crossing one over the other and then loop underneath. Do it again (for 2x) and then pull. It will stay put. Best part is you can just pull it to undo do and no knots.

Anonymous said...

The white SS pictured with the Culture Clash Speed Up Shorts + backpack is the Home Stretch SS, not the Final Lap SS

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:43 am - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Got it! Thank you!