Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Nulux Entwined Print Wunder Unders and Energy Bra. I ordered the WUPs.

Illumniate Multi Black Wunder Under crops, in luxtreme. I ordered these, too.

Illuminate also came in Train Times Tight, Tracker Shorts, and Train Times Bra.

Cotton Intended Tee, in Black and Cobalt.

Ice Milk Speeds and Run Times.

New Sweat Your Heart Out Bra.

New 8" inseam Sweat Your Heart Out Shorts. I love shorts this length, especially for spin class. Unfortunately, they're only offered up to a ten on the website.

Translu Anorak

Another Round LS in Dark Adobe. I might order this. 

Another Round SS.

Sweat Your Heart Out Tank

Sweat Your Heart Out SS

Reveal Tank

Reveal Crop

Reveal Tight

Low Ride Blush Berry Wunder Under Half Tight, made of luxtreme.

Sweat Your Heart Out Crops

Go Lightly Packable Tote

Blue Nile Train Times Tank

Blue Nile Long Distance SS

Dark Adobe Quick Pace SS and LS

Dark Adobe Swiftly SS

Dark Adobe Tight Stuff Tights

Dark Adobe Luxtreme Wunder Under Crops

Alberta Lake Crescent Tank. 

Just the two pants for me today. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of the US upload! much more variety of items than the UK :( Far too many jaded/submarine/nile blue items for us lately and not enough of the core styles like the WUC, WUPS. Haven't had an all the right places crop/pant upload in a long time now.
Liking the new print though, hopefully it will make it to the UK
just as a side note...what kind of underwear is one supposed to wear with pants such as the reveal or ready set go with the mesh coming up all the way along the thighs??!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like the dark adobe aligns are an entirely different color from the dark adobe reveal crops and luxtreme WUs. I get that they're all different fabrics, but are the dark adobe aligns really that much lighter than everything else dark adobe, or is it just something in the pictures?

Alicia said...

I really like the reveal crops and 7/8 pants but no idea what material is used. I do HIIT and strength so wondering if it will be suitable.

Anonymous said...

Stuff is looking all the same to me. Too many versions of same colors. Would like to see unique items. Back to Athleta I guess...

Anonymous said...

I might get that mesh tank , but nothing else

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the bedroom eyes and come hither expressions? These are workout clothes, not lingerie. The art direction kills me.

haynay said...

Do you know what tank she is wearing with the dark adobe tight stuff tights?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm just too into all the Athleta stuff these days...kind of how I used to be too into Lululemon to really care about Athleta. I actually think the only lulu things I've purchased this year were for my dad for Father's Day! Kind of crazy considering how much money I used to spend at lulu every year. If they brought back the original CRB, I would be all over those though!

Anonymous said...

Ha, good point! I workout in thongs, but even they would show in those I think???

Melissa said...

Trying not to buy anything, been spending way too much on Lulu the past few weeks. Love the WUP and may pick up some of the new tanks.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:02 pm -Maybe try a nude color to try and get close to the color or your skin. Or a color that matches the color of the tights.

@ anon 8 pm - I ordered those new floral Blossom Intuition Tights from Athleta, made of powervita. They should get here in a couple of days. I am very behind on posting about my recent buys from Athleta.

Anonymous said...

You'd think with how fast small handbags sell out they'd bring out some more of those, but nope, yet more giant totes that sit on the website forever. Guess I shouldn't be holding out for a new festival bag any time soon...

Unknown said...

The headbands on my local lulu stores are always marked down because they never sell!

She Who Weaves Words said...

I got the Illuminate and the Low Tide Blush Berry WUs, i love those two prints. No more shopping for me for a while!