Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Free to Be and Free to Be Serene bras in Razzle. I ordered the FTBS since it's my new favorite bra.

Wee Space Free to Be Serene Bra

Razzle Fast and Free Bra.

Razzle Speed Short.

Dark Adobe Pace Perfect Bra

Dark Adobe Align Crops. Note the new color in the Free to Be Serene Bra.

Dark Adobe and Heathered Submarine Long Distance Tanks. I'm tempted by the Dark Adobe tank but I'm afraid it will be a little too see through for me. It looks see through in the landing page animation on the website.

Dark Adobe Love Crew tee. I'd like this in the V-neck.

Wee Space Luxtreme Wunder Under Crops.

Submarine Power Y, but note the new print in the bottoms. I am definitely interested in these.

Heathered Submarine Essential Tank. I ordered this.

Dark Adobe Quick Pace Skirt

Dark Adobe Run Times and Trackers Shorts.

Ready Set Go Tank

Submarine Ready Set Go Tee. I am tempted by this but will wait to see it in the store.

Nulux Fractal Dark Starlight Run the Day crop and tight, both are shown with a new bra style.

Low Tide Blush Berry Run the Day Crop

Translucent Baller Cap

Dark Adobe All the Right Places Crop

Just the bra and tank for me today. Did you get anything?


Unknown said...

I have the CRB in razzle and it looks like a hot pink in the pictures but on me (light complexion) looks more like a super bright orange.

Andreea said...

I'm waiting until Thursday to see them in person, but I have my eye on the Razzle FTB Serene bra and the Dark Adobe Run Times. I want to see the colors in person, but they look really good together! I can already picture those two with my black T-back swiftly tank and Dark Adobe Baller Hat being my favorite summer outfit!

Wilca said...

I'm kinda new to this, but how come there are lots of new colours available in Align pants and crops but they are sold out already? Like in Dark Olive...

Unknown said...

I didn't my like Light photo....;((

Unknown said...

Anyone else notice the models look more lively and posed and smiley than before?

LuluAddict said...

@Anita - they do but now they're not showing the full back view on a lot of items. They need to get a more consistent photo set. I certainly like they're putting more colors together in the outfits.

Anonymous said...

I noticed all the new wunder under crops/pants come in luxtreme now. What happened to luon?

Catherine said...

Hi. I've been subscribing to this blog for a while and just love it. It's my first comment...I live quite far from a Lulu store in Alaska and shop mostly on-line. I try to get as much info about the fit of the item before I buy (sending stuff back to Lulu is a long ordeal). This blog has been VERY helpful but so has the imbedded info included next to the model pictures telling you how tall they are and what size they are wearing.

TLTR: This week they have stop including the model's height/size info.

Did anyone else notice this? Or do I need to up-date my browser???

Amy said...

Ahhh I don't know if I should get the FTB Serene one in Razzle. I love that bra and wish I could have gotten it in Seascape. I like the fun color of Razzle but it's not a color I would usually go for... Decisions decisions

Anonymous said...

anon @11:46am I am so psyched you pointed that out. I much prefer a cooler fabric i.e. luxtreme or nulux vs. the warmer luon. I love the clean lines of the WU's, but much prefer in luxtreme. I'll have to stop passing them over and look more closely.

lulubell said...

@Catherine- I noticed this too, so I don't think it's your browser. I think they did some kind of mini update to the site last week. I was super annoyed to see the color selection dots are no longer visible underneath the item pictures and I have to click each item individually to see the colors available. Combine that with not being able to search the site by a specific color, making their site harder to shop.

So if I want something in Razzle, I have to search the blogs to see my options. I should be able to do that on the Lulu website!! It irritates me.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I've never seen the height and size on the US lulu site. I know Kit & Ace does it. Interesting that you've been seeing it and now suddenly not.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:46 am - I wonder if it's to forestall returns for pilling. I know I've been buying more luxtreme Wunder Unders lately. I find them cooler for workouts, they don't pick up pet hair, and they don't pill as easily. However, sometimes I like a comfy pair of regular luon bottoms for casual wear.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what crops the girl in the Heathered Submarine Long Distance Tank is wearing? Or is it a new crop? The mesh design looks kind of nice, from what I can see. I also really want to see what Dark Adobe looks like in real life. Is it more of pinkish colour? Because if so, I would love to see it in a Define Jacket!

Anonymous said...

I do not care for the all the right places crops: the no front seam.... it kind of highlights that area..... I don't like that at all..... the back seaming is my favorite..... tooo bad cause that no front seam is a deal breaker!

Anonymous said...

I have been out of town, and just opened the essential tank in heathered whirlpool from this week's upload. The color is way off what it looks like on the website. Much lighter and brighter. Ugh. Not sure if I am going to keep it.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:20 pm - I thought the same thing about the Whirlpool Essential tank I ordered. I'm returning it.