Tuesday, July 4, 2017

UK Spoilers

Razzle Hotty Hot Short and Speed Short

Ice Milk CRB 2

Dark Adobe Ready Set Go Tight

Dark Adobe Sculpt Tank

Dark Adobe Long Distance Tank

Ready Set Go Tee, made of mesh.

Mesh on Mesh Tank

Ready Set Go Tank

Reveal Crop Top

Lightest Oversize Tee

Dark Adobe Swiftly SS.


faith said...

US upload is up. Looks like the ATRP crop came out in Dark Adobe. Just ordered them here in the US and I'm excited because I've been wanting these crops in dark red! Would like to see a color comparison versus Bordeaux Drama.

Unknown said...

Boring! I want to see more dresses!

kellidotca said...

Dark adobe is more purple than red

Anonymous said...

No Swiftly scoop neck tee this year. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Not liking the new art direction at all.

Anonymous said...

I like that there is a variety of models and the poses are more dynamic, but I still find the high contrast between the figure and the background to be frustrating. On any item that is dark, the contrast is so high that you can't make out any details whatsoever. For example, the Low Tide Blush Berry Run the Day crops - I can't figure out if they have any pockets, what the seams are like, nothing. I wish they would remember that no matter how creative they want to get with the photos, they are still in the business of selling the clothing. And I won't buy what I can't see.

LuluAddict said...

"I won't buy what I can't see." - I agree. The lack of close up views kills me.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is dark adobe just another similar color to Marvel, plum, bordeaux, black cherry and every other version of burgandy that they keep repeating over and over and over again nonstop. It's pretty, yes. But I have other pieces in something so similar I'm certainly not going to buy more of the same. But maybe that's just me.

Anyone else get the Pink Shell Energy Bra and feel like it's just too highlighter bright? I was so excited to see a pink energy bra again, I didn't think twice about ordering it. Once it showed up, I feel like it's just a little too bright. I wish it had a more saturated tone. Lulu doesn't do a lot of pink and then a lot of pink energy bras so unsure if I should keep and get used to the bright color or return and get the blue one on wmtm.

Other than that, nothing here really excites me. Honestly it all looks very Nike-ish and I went to Lululemon because I didn't care for that "nike" look.

Anonymous said...

Dark adobe looks like bordeaux. I have a lot of items in the color from the last 3 seasons.