Friday, July 14, 2017

Try Ons: Another Round LS, Sweat Your Heart Out Tank, Entwined Wunder Unders and More

It's been a long time since I've really liked a long sleeve cotton top from lululemon, mostly because they feature dropped shoulders which makes for a boxy fit and adds a bunch of material that bunches up on my armpit/upper chest, but the Another Round is a very nice classic tee with normal shoulders. It's got a pretty, round open neckline that can show off your bra straps. The fit is relaxed through the waist but not boxy and the length is nicely long. I exchanged the Dark Adobe Love SS I ordered last week for the Another Round. I would order your normal Love Tee size.

I tried on the white Sweat Your Heart Out Tank figuring that it would be the least sheer on me since my pasty white belly wouldn't shine through the fabric nearly as much as it would in the darker colors. I liked the tank but wish it was about two inches longer. The sizing is a loose-fitting TTS.

The Crescent tank is a very cute style. I liked it a lot but this style isn't for me unless they add a couple more inches to the length. I hope we see more cotton tops in Alberta Lake, though, it's super pretty.

The Illuminate Wunder Unders are very pretty but they do fade a bit with stretch since they're backed in white. I ordered this from the upload but not sure I am keeping them. 

The Submarine Long Distance Tank was less sheer than shown on the website. The material is very light and airy but it has a texture that I was aware of on my skin. I would like this tank a lot better if it was about three inches longer.

The Train Times Tank in Heathered Blue Nile is super pretty but I wish this style was a bit longer in the back.

My B&W pretties.
I wasn't sure I'd like the Entwined print Wunder Unders when I saw them in person but they're super pretty. The black is very saturated and it's contrasted with a medium gray. I ended up getting the matching Energy bra since it will look cute peeping out from under black tops. The material is backed in gray and fade with stretch is minimal. The print is opaque. I've read people are sizing down in the these.

The Entwined Energy bra is cut lower in the armpits than regular Energy Bras. This is my first Nulux Energy bra so not sure if common to them or just a one-off for this print.


Miranda said...

I am super interested to try the Another Round long sleeve. The chrome color looks gorgeous in the pictures, and I love tops that are longer in the back. However I'm not always a fan of my bra showing, so I'm not so sure about the neckline. Athleta has a new top that is very similar called the Threadline something or other, same price point but modal, and the neckline is not so low. I'll have to get both to compare.

LuluAddict said...

@Miranda - I bought that Threadline Relaxed LS from Athleta yesterday, too, in the soft lilac color. I have photos of the top but should take some side by side photos. The threadline top is made of modal so it's heavier weight.

Anonymous said...

The short length of the tops bothers me too. I do not want to put my crotch or belly on display. The Another Round ls shows too much cleavage on me, so that's out too. I love the Entwined print, if it comes out in a luxtreme bottom, I'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

@LLA, thanks for the try ons. I was interested in a couple of items you tried on. Since you liked them (except for length which I don't mind), I'm going to try them as well. I've been hearing really good things about the another round ss/ls.

Unknown said...

Got my entwined.
Didn't like em at all. 😕