Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stealth Upload - Submarine Swiftly Tank, Iced Milk Hotty Hots, V-neck Dark Adobe Love Tee

Iced Milk Hotty Hots (thanks to reader, Trang, for noticing them)

Submarine Swiftly Tank. I might order this. The SS and LS in Submarine were not uploaded.

V-neck Love Tee in Dark Adobe. I might order this one, too.


emily said...

The ice milk Hotty Hots were already there. I've had the longs in my cart since Tuesday. I am loving the submarine Swiftly though.

I wish we could get original CRBs of some of the current colors.

Unknown said...

I feel like the ice milk hottys are a totally different color in person than on the website. I know the faded zap hottys are. Kinda frustrating when you can't go in store to see a color first.

Anonymous said...

I loved that rouge color..... didnt know it till I saw it in person then the items i wanted in it were sold out..... its that cardinal red color i love that is usually in mens wear only!!!! I love love love it..... hope they do it again, a nice deep red w/ no pink in it!!! Like this adobe too..... but not like the deep rouge color...... really liking the iced milk color too