Friday, July 14, 2017

Razzle Speed Shorts, Sweat Your Heart Out Crops, and More

lululemon razzle-speed-short ebb-to-street-tank

lululemon razzle-speed-short ebb-to-street-tank tote

lululemon razzle-speed-short ebb-to-street-tank
Midnight Navy Ebb to Street Tank, Razzle Speed Shorts, and Go Lightly Packable Tote.

lululemon sweat-your-heart-out-tank-crop

lululemon sweat-your-heart-out-tank-crop

lululemon sweat-your-heart-out-tank-crop

lululemon sweat-your-heart-out-tank-crop

lululemon sweat-your-heart-out-tank-crop
Submarine Sweat Your Heart Out Tank, Energy Bra, and Sweat Your Heart Out Crops.

lululemon sweat-your-heart-out-tank

lululemon sweat-your-heart-out-tank on-the-fly-short
Sweat Your Heart Out Tank and On the Fly Short

lululemon crescent-tank on-the-fly-short

lululemon pushing -limits-bra
Crescent Tank, Pushing Limits Bra, and On the Fly Short

lululemon crescent-tank mesh-wunder
Alberta Lake Crescent Tank and Mesh Wunder Unders

lululemon reveal-tank
Reveal Tank


emily said...

I bought the On-The-Fly shorts, but they are not baggy on me (like on that model). She's probably super tiny and wearing a bigger size. Mine fit perfectly and don't look quite as sporty. I like them because I can get away with wearing them with nicer tops and it doesn't look like I'm wearing athletic shorts.

Anonymous said...

"Big Picture: An analyst thinks Lululemon has been addressing aesthetic issues and is positioning itself for strong growth in its menswear and international segments."

The analysts are just as clueless as management if they think the aesthetic issues are handled. Customers begged them not to go all in on BWG [Black/White/Gray], but they didn't listen. Now they are furiously & randomly adding in some old stock colors as fast as they can without any color story. The North American summer season was a bust in my opinion with few very bright colors until now. Where are the summer dresses?

The design aesthetic is so far from handled. Everything is still so generic, short & boxy. I'd be rich if I could collect a dollar for every "if only this top was longer" and/or "if only this top/tank was not so low cut." Don't get me started on the tied up tanks or cold shoulder tops.

It seems an age old story that company open stores like wildfire to boost profits only to shutter them within 2 years.

last rant: With all the issues Lulu has with its customer base, it seems odd to me they chose to spend their rare advertising dollars on outfitting the Tour de France NBCsports announcers in polo shirts. I love the Tour, but this is head scratching to me in terms of sales payoff.

Amy said...

Loooooove Razzle! I just ordered it in the CRB. Makes me so happy.

lulubell said...

I'm loving the Razzle shorts!

That tote is cheap looking. It reminds me of a free tote you'd get w/ purchase at a department store. Not sure if it's the material, the complete lack of details or that they no longer offer them in fun prints. I look at my collection of Lulu totes and bags, and this is one area where I can see they have clearly gone cheap/basic. It's been a while since I've seen a cute duffel or bag from them.

Unknown said...

I just had a quick question if anyone knows? I bought the Dark Adobe ATRP crops but prefer the full-length pant, so I haven't taken the tags off. Does lulu always release the pants in the same colors as the crops? Or am I waiting in vain?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:52 am - Thanks for the article! I don't understand lululemon's continuing fascination with cycling. Like you said, it's not much bang for the buck. It's a niche sport and lululemon's clothes are not durable enough for cycling. I recently threw out a pair of luxtreme shorts that I used to wear for spin class because the crotch was worn through, both in the fabric and the stitching. As for lululemon's past road cycling offerings, their shorts sucked compared to the really nice Descente and Pearl Izumis I used to buy twenty years ago. I think full on luxteme is probably more durable than the regular luxtreme used in the older shorts but it's still not durable compared to the major cycling apparel makers. I also don't get their continued fascination with beach volleyball, another niche sport that gets little tv coverage unless it's the olympics. My husband only started buying the brand for himself once he saw a professional golfer wearing the brand. ( I think they'd get a lot more bang for the buck sponsoring some pro male golfer, even if they are lower-level. Find some young up and comer that won't be too expensive.

Some of the newer colors are doing well, like ice milk and razzle, in things like bras and shorts, but I think they have a long way to go. Like you said, there isn't much of a color 'story' anymore.

@Kirsten Theobald - they used to but not so much anymore. I think Dark Adobe is one of the big colors so I'd expect pants to come in it, too. The return period is 30 days so you could order the crops just to have them in case they sell out/or the pants don't come out while you wait for the pants to come out.

Unknown said...

Okay thank you!! That's what I was hoping, but 2s always sell out so fast I figured I should snatch up the crops just in case haha

Anonymous said...

A white cheap-looking nylon tote bag that you could get anywhere in nice colours/prints or gasp! in useful black? Too short tops? I'm not paying $$$$for that, even its adorned with a Lululemon logo.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Go Lightly Packable Tote say pack lightly, go farther? That typo would bug me so much if I got it.

Anonymous said...

Omg enough already with all the negativity! If I hated everything they do I would have moved on to another brand/brands.
Re-razzle: super cute color. I just receiver Free to be tranquil in it and now regretting I didn't order Speeds as well. I was worried the color is too close to the last year Neon pink, but Razzle is darker I checked.
I received my Taryn Toomey tops a couple of days ago. I ordered all the colors of Awakening tank, Heart opening tank, Halter as well as In the flow-like crops. I had to order from several stores and only got Awakening tanks so far. They are definitely loose fitting tts. I'm keeping all 3 colors. I already wore Faint Mauve tank pared with Twice as nice skirt in angel wing to a dinner yesterday. Not sure about wearing this tank to the gym though . I lift heavy and do high intensity workouts and this might be too delicate for it, but will see. Can't wait to get my crops , I used to love In the flow ones

LuluAddict said...

@lulubell - the bag styles aren't bad, they're a lot more urban looking now, but they aren't offering them in cute prints like they used to.

The Packable Tote isn't bad as an idea but it's priced about $40 too high. I'm sure it will hit WMTM soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I notice a lot of the tech clothing stores here in Manhattan NYC are using similar color palette as Lulu. The white black and muted shades as well as the green are seen on a lot of the display windows here.
Could be a big urban thing.


Anonymous said...

The price on the tote is ridiculous. I have something exactly like it (with a cuter fabric no less) that cost like 10 bucks.

Anonymous said...

@8:53. You are right. Somebody should have checked the difference between farther and further. An elementary mistake.