Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 SeaWheeze Showcase Store Reveal Screenshots

Lululemon uploaded a preview of the 2017 SeaWheeze showcase store to Facebook and Twitter. I counted about 53 items shown in 46 outfits.  I'll list them out below:

Outfit #1:
1 - Speed Tight #1,  Squiggle Print
2 - Invigorate Bra #1, Squiggle Print

Outfit #2:
3 - Green Swiftly Tank
Speed Tight #1, Squiggle Print

Outfit #3:
4 - Swiftly SS #1, Hi-Def Cyan
Speed Tight #1, Squiggle Print

Outfit #4:
5 - Swiftly SS #1, Hi-Def Cyan (?)
6 - Speed Short #1, Hi Def Cyan/Black (?)

Outfit #5:
Invigorate Bra #1, Squiggle Print
7 - Tracker Shorts #1 (?), solid Hi-Def Cyan (?)

Outfit #6:
8 - LS Swiftly #1, Green
Tracker Shorts #1 (?), Hi-Def Cyan (?)

Outfit #7:
9 - (Racing?) Cool Racerback #1, Hi-Def Cyan
10 - Quick Pace Shorts #1, B/W Print

Outfit #8:
11 - Sculpt Tank #1, Dust Coral
12 - Tracker Short #2, B/W Print

Outfit #9:
12 - Fast and Loose Tank #1, Dust Coral
13 - Speed Short #2 (?), Grapefruit Print

Outfit #10:
14 - LS Swiftly #2, Grapefruit
15 - Tracker Short #3 (?), Grapefruit Print

Outfit #11:
16 - Cool Racerback #2, B/W Print
17 - Tracker Short #3 (?), Grapefruit Print

Outfit #12:
18 - Swiftly Tank #2, Navy (?)
19 - Speed Short #3, Grapefruit
20 - Run All Day Backpack #2, Grapefruit

Outfit #13:
21 - Swiftly SS #2, Green
Speed Short #3, Grapefruit

Outfit #14:
22- Swiftly #3, Grapefruit 
23 - Speed Tight #2 - B/W Print (I think this is different than the one uploaded today)

Outfit #15:
24- Chase Me Tank #1, Grapefruit
Speed Tight #2, B/W Print

Outfit #16:
25 - Invigorate Bra #2, zigzag print
26 - Tracker Short #4, ziggy print

Outfit #17:
26 - CRB #4, Zippy Green
Tracker Short #4, ziggy print

Outfit #18:
27 - Invigorate Bra #3, Zippy Green
28 - Chase Me Crop #1, wavy print

Outfit #19:
29 - Sculpt Tank #2, Zippy Green
30 - Chase Me Crop #2 - B/W print

Outfit #20:
31 - 

I'm still working on labeling everything and I need to add in the stuff from the morning, too, but so far I like this year's stuff better than last year. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Too bad the registration shorts werent the squiggle print.

Anonymous said...

what is so special about SW things?? I don't plan on shopping and just wear the speed shorts that were sent to me.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but will any of this be available online?

emily said...

I love the holographic reflective print!

Jocelyn said...

@anonymos 3:09 - no kidding! Does anything match the registration shorts? They look like outliers to me, I expected more fun prints from this collection given what the shorts looked like.

Unknown said...

Do we know if this will be released at all locations? or just select ones? and if so, which ones

Anonymous said...

I don't participate in SeaWheeze, which is fine as I did not find anything I even remotely liked in the video (which was a pretty cool way to show the outfits). I loved the one year in particular that had the butterfly print speeds and I think a speed with colorful beetles. I wanted those pretty badly. Never got either one.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that the squiggle lava lamp print tights in the first pic are speed tights. I don't see the seams or side pockets. Looks more like WUP to me.

LuluAddict said...

I'd be shocked if they are WUP. They usually have run related items. They must be another style of run tight.

CatepillarInTraining said...

I love the reflective stuff, and the graprfruit print- but tbh i think I'm only in love with the grapefruit because lulu seems so focused on blue/green prints and never does pretty pink. Nothing else really seemed special to me

Kristy Rooney said...

I NEED some of those items but unfortunately I don't know anyone going this year :(

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be really sad if Lulu doesn't release that Grapefuit colour and its corresponding print in stores/online. I don't know that SeaWheeze stuff ever makes its way into the market, but please let this be the exception. :(

Unknown said...

It's so unfortunate that these awesome pieces won't be available in stores. I love the zippy cardio sculpt!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Kristen Theobald & Breena Ross -

SW exclusive gear is only found at the Seawheeze runner store during the SW race weekend. They will not be online nor available at any store locations. There *may* be a few pieces that show up in the Vancouver Lululemon stores that people will return but that's it. You will, however, be able to get for 3x the price on ebay the morning the store is opened on ebay.

I doubt that this is the whole collection like they said. There's no accessories shown (hats, headbands, socks, 1 water bottle pattern and only 2 bags). Also the Runner's Pre-sale store showed what appears to be a RSYB and a Ray-like colored bra in the sculpt tank photos

cel said...

I love the muscular model. I wish they used more models like her on the website.

Jenny said...

I LOOOOVE it!!! I'm all over the grapefruit colour <3 I think the reflective gear will be too pricey for me but it looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Why do seawheeze shorts always get made in only speeds or trackers? I love run times and hotty hots. I don't think I am alone in this. Do the speeds and trackers really sell that much better? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, i need those holographic rainbow trout looking tights in my life!

Lulu addict Fan said...

Love Love the Unicorn pants. Thats what I'll call them anyway :)
The rosie looking swiftly looks pretty sweet too.

Anonymous said...

LLA - I wouldn't expect WUP at the store either. Lauren confirmed on the official SeaWheeze FB page that the squiggle print tight in the first outfit is the Speed Wunder Tight.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! She looks amazing and I'd buy everything she's wearing! Fit, strong and fun and some serious body goals

Anonymous said...

Speeds are definitely the most popular shorts by far. I'm not sure what the comparative popularity of the other three is. I would guess run times and hotties are less popular and hence are passed over. Sorry you are in the minority - hopefully they will start making more styles in the future (and more of each style generally!) as I think they would sell out as well.

Stephanie Schonberger said...

Everything is so meh this year. Nothing unique or special...all looks like stuff I could get at Lulu any other day of the year. I'm running SW, but I hate everything, didn't use my online link (sold out in an hour anyway), and I don't plan to buy anything in Vancouver. UGLY...Lulu fail! Bring back some interesting prints and colors, not black, white, blue, boring pink, and body parts. Dislike.

Anonymous said...

I can basically skip all solid colored items because there is nothing special about them (like really how many coral/grapefruit swiftlies do I need?). Really only here for the grapefruit print speeds and the reflective crops. Hoping for a cute energy bra or two as well.

Unknown said...

Do you think all those crops are 'Chase Me Crops?'. No pace rivals this year?

Anonymous said...

Love love love...except for black white print and zippy and royal blue...the rest is gorgeous. Love the light blue...corals and reflective. Hope theres lots of stock for everyone...especially when they know people grab all the speed shorts in the cubbys and walk away. Hopefully they replenish it quickly knowing that will happen. And hopefully they stop the ones that go in to store multiple times...because they know people. Shame on those angels especially since they admin their own sites and enforce rules...they should have to follow lll rules at sw too....or be banned lol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:49

Last couple of SW stores had hotty hots as well. I don't think they showed us everything tbh, even though they said they did. I believe even they said that there will be a few "surprises" that they didn't reveal.

Anonymous said...

APL sneakers being introduced to NYC Lululemon shops sometime around 2nd week of August... don't know what color or pattern etc... This is the intel from one of the educators in NYC

Anonymous said...

You know what sucks, I love the squiggle tights, but since I am not running the SW I will never get them. Sad, because for the first time in well over a year I saw something that I love and would make a trip to purchase. Oh well.

LuluAddict said...

@Renee - definitely no pace rivals. Not sure if they are all Chase Me but they are not PRs.

@ anon 10:18 pm - thanks!

@ anon 9:21 am - thanks!

@ anon 12:43 pm - a lot of SW stuff ends up on ebay or other lululemon groups so keep your eyes open. People buy it first and then decide they don't like after they get it home and take a better look. It's definitely a buy now, think later situation.

Anonymous said...

I am *sadface* about no PRs this year as well. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

The reflective crops are Speed Crops. The Reflective Bra is the Perfect Pace and the tights are Speed Tights. Last years Pace Rival crops sucked and didn't sell and a lot were being damaged out even that weekend due to poor quality and seams coming undone after one wear. They might have switched to Speed Crops for that reason. Maybe not. Who knows. I sometimes wonder if Lulu even knows. Lol!

I like the colors and patterns this year but not as much of the type of product. I don't care for the Fast As Light tanks or the other tank with the big hole in the back (Chase Me tank?). Love the sculpt tank in that pink (been waiting for that color in a sculpt tank for forever!) and the pretty reflective stuff but that's about it.