Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Vertical Ombre Prewheeze Whirlpool/Jaded Chase Me Tank. The color is super pretty but I don't love how the back hangs away from your body. I also find the new mesh very delicate so I'll wait to try this on in the store.

Very pretty Ice Milk Energy Bra. I ordered this since I've been on a buying binge for navy tops. The Ice Milk Hotty Hots are previewed in this photo.

Jaded Train Times crops (shown with the Ice Milk Energy Bra).

New Enroute Bag.

Canada got a Dark Adobe Baller Hat.

Faded Zap Cool Racerback II

Quick Pace Short in Jaded.

Hit It 7/8 Tight

Jaded Align Pant

Jaded Chase Me Onesie

Minimal Hoodie

Quick Pace LS

Quick Pace Skirt

Pack Light Short

Quick Pace SS

Soundwave Wunder Under Tights, made of luxtreme.

Soundwave Speed Shorts

Vapor Line Up Tee

Faded Zap Energy Bra

Just the Ice Milk Energy Bra for me today. Did you order anything?


Anonymous said...

I hope they come out with a love t in that Ice Milk colour.

LisalisaM1 said...

Tech Mesh WU also uploaded. I think I'm going to order to try on. Just to see what the big buzz is about!
Also ordering the Jaded Aligns and the pretty light blue Love tank.

Anonymous said...

...and no Jaded CRB for Canada. !@#%$%

Anonymous said...

I need that Ombré Prewheeze in something else beside a tank! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I have the faded zap energy bra from 2013 and it's one of my most worn. It's a great color that matches any color top you put over it. I will probably grab another but might wait to see if it goes to MD or to my outlet eventually

Samantha B said...

I actually think the new skirt is cute, but i see no mention or pictures of the hem grippers. That is an absolute REQUIREMENT for any athletic skirt. And especially for this skirt given that you can actually see the shorts from the side. I hope lulu didn't cut corners and omit this important detail.

Unknown said...

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know where I can scoop up a Festival Crossbody Bag that isn't $150+ on eBay?

Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

I went to the store yesterday and tried on the chase me tank, the color is beautiful in person and I couldn't resist. The front looks good but I turned around and I was confused! Why does the double strap hang so far away from your back. It reminded me of an ill fitting bra strap that kept on sliding of the shoulder. I tried a 4-6-8 I'm usually a 6 but all of them look strange in the back. I do love the ombre effect, I was more upset that the ladies working there were telling me that it looked good! I ended up buying 3 EBB to street tanks to wear at home and energy bra in faded zap but I came home and compared it to antidote and it really is just a washed up version of it and I'm going to return it. Overall this weeks upload was a bust.

LuluAddict said...

@Christina - The back of the Chase Me tank is what kept me from buying it. I've seen some real life try-on photos and it didn't sit right on that woman, too. It didn't hang away from her but the back of the neck didn't lie right either. It looked fine from the front.

Anonymous said...

I love the skirt...hoping it come in Tall. I would think there would be full grippers after the last disastrous skirt lulu released. So sad b/c some of the colors were great. Huge miss on their part.

I thought the tank was beautiful, but I did not try it on.

When I was in the store yesterday I bought a new item Goall Crusher tank in boysenberry. It shld have been call the Lean in Long Tank. Basically, it's a fairly plain tank with the tone on tone fabric running down the back of the tank. Light luxtreme. I love it. Wonder why it wasn't uploaded.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how the Free To Be Serene works for bustier ladies? I'm 32DD and I take an 8 in the Energy Bras--they're the best thing around, but the color selection is never the same.

Anonymous said...

@Natalee: I see festival bags on lululemon BST on Facebook all the time. I see them going for between $60-80 mostly. Do not pay $150 for one (unless it's a super rare, sought after print, which I'm not sure if there are any for the festival bag).

Anonymous said...

Was in store tonight and sad to say no grippers on the skirt shorts!!! Why did they screw up all of their recent skirts. Pace rival was the last decent one. None since have been improvements. I haven't bought a skirt since those and I used to buy a ton of them. Big fail.

Wilca said...

Has anyone seen the Soundwave print in person? Wonder if it would be too full-on. I don't have a lululemon store in my city

Anonymous said...

Ice milk is a nice color. almost tempted to get the energy bra in that color.
the new shorts look very promising.


LuluAddict said...

@Wilca - Soundwave has been out for awhile in nulux. It's an okay print but I didn't love it enough to get. It's a small print - it reminds me of braille - so I don't think it's overwhelming at all.

Amy said...

I'm 32DD and just got a FTB Serene. Fits great and very comfortable. I don't fit in the Energy bras at all so happy to find an alternative! TTS for me.

Anonymous said...

I saw them today at my store and was wondering the same thing. I got Ready Set Go tank in SUBM. I prefer shorter length

Anonymous said...

They did cut that corner- the shorts under the skirt have a reflective strip but none of the grippy edges that the pace rival skirt shorts had. If you didn't like the lost in Pace skirt, this one isn't much different- super staticky clingy fabric and no functional details.

Anonymous said...

There is a camo one and a black and white striped one. They are pretty hard to find.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the heads up! I'll keep an eye out on the lululemon BST Facebook :)