Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Powdered Rose and Pink Shell Energy Bras.

Cherry Blossom Pink Invigorate Bra. I want a Free to Be Serene in this color.

Velvet Dust Free to Be Serene Bra. I might order this ordered this.

Sea Water Free to Be Bra

New Intended Bra in Seascape.

Transition Multi Wunder Under Crop. I might order these.

Galaxy Gray Sculpt Tank. I saw this in the store and thought the color was rather dreary. I suppose it might look better paired with the right color.

Luxtreme Jaded Wunder Under Tight

Jaded Pushing Limits Crop

In Depth Jogger

Lip Gloss Swiftly

Razzle CRB II. This is very bright in person.

Mesh on Mesh Jacket

Pushing Limits Muscle Tank

Pushing Limits LS

Pushing Limits Bra

Seascape All Tied Up Tank.

Pretty Cherry Blossom Run Baller Cap. I wish this looked better on my head because I really like the lighter version of the Baller cap.

Mesh Jaded City Adventure Backpack and Mini Go Lightly Backpack

Nothing for me right now. I might order the Transition Multi Wunder Under Crop. Did you get anything today?

Update - I ordered the Velvet Dust Free to Be Serene Bra.


Anonymous said...

It looks like there's a problem with the website. What's New shows 4 items. The Free To Be Serene and Energy Bra are not shown under Sport's Bras. Both have new color updates. Something is wrong in Denmark. In a chat, this person told me "maybe that's all that was new this week". Ugh.

Anonymous said...

What color/pattern do you think would look better on a black girl with chocolate skin? I can't decide between the Transition Multi WU crops, or the Boysenberry 7/8 WU's. I'm a sucker for dark purples, but that Transition Multi pattern looks super nice! I love both, but I can't afford both :(

Rise and Shine said...

Positive: I LOVE the model who's showing the Energy Bras. She has a lot of range. She can do strong, sexy, vulnerable - it's really much, much more than you expect from a catalog model.

Negative: Not really liking any of the clothes.

LLA, I promised you an update on The Upside bomber I bought. It had some nice features - a good, branded zipper pull and pleasant fabric - but it seemed overpriced even at $100. Maybe I'm cheap about jackets, I don't know. I also felt like it was just a bit too young and trendy for me, which is not a criticism - just an explanation. Medium was a generous fit for me; I'm usually between a 6 and an 8 in jackets/tops.

Anonymous said...

The Jaded colour is sooo pretty, but I'm not really feeling any of the new stuff.

By the way, did anyone else go to try on that Final Lap Crop in store? They're apparently "crops", but they went all the way down to my ankles, and I'm a fairly tall woman. Did anyone else find that they were kind of long?

julia said...

I like how they styled the lipgloss swiftly SS as a mini-dress. What were they thinking?

Another boring upload, and the colors are all over the place and quite dull for summer season. I continue to mourn the disappearance of cohesive color stories.

Anonymous said...

Of course Canada did not get either of the pretty pink energy bras.

Anonymous said...

Curious to know what the tights shown with the Razzle CRB are..

Anonymous said...

Amazing colors , loving all of them. Galaxy Grey, Chrome, Velvet Dust, heathered hail. I'm getting pushing limits bra

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:44 pm - I'm seeing multiple comments about a problem with the site. There were more than four items. It's funny because I thought lululemon recently contracted an outside firm to tune up the site.

@ anon 5:11 pm - I am holding on the Transition Multi for now because I sense it will be a pattern I'll get tired of rather quickly and end up selling. Solid Boysenberry is classic and you'll be likely to hang onto them longer.

@Rise and Shine - Thanks about the Upside feedback. One reason I've been liking Athleta more is because it's cheaper than lululemon but the quality is high. They seem to have codes or sales fairly often so it's even cheaper.

@anon 5:36 pm - I did try on the Final Lap crop. They were more like 7/8 on me.

@ julia - I saw that. It made her hips look big, too - very weird styling. I like some of the colors but everything seems like a one-off these days. I tried on the new Figue Sweat Date Singlet and Peri Purple Love Tee today and felt they were very dental office chic. They look brighter on the website than they were in the store and had all the charm of scrubs.

Anonymous said...

I may be the lone voice here, but I am really liking the more sophisticated color palette I am seeing over the past two months. I feel like I can wear the new colors in more situations. I have sold a large amount of lulu over the past three years, gradually transitioning to a more sophisticated collection. Of course, I keep my speeds and CRB's from years gone by.

Also loving nulu and nulux. The lighter weights are great for me, as I over heat easily.

There are fewer styles and patterns I like, but that's ok, as there is/was no way I could possibly wear all my lulu. I love the ones I have purchased.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this upload. What do you think the mesh pop over or the jacket? I'm not sure which would be nicer.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness- so much negativity!!!! I got 2 pushing limits bra, and a tied up tank in white as it's a staple for my wardrobe, also bought summer haze 7/8 tights last week. I think lulu has finally gotten the idea again and is coming out with gorgeous colours now! There's pinks, blues, some green, some brights... I don't get what more people want? Like any other brand lulu puts out what is modern and with the times. I can appreciate the trendy pieces the are putting out!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone bought the tied up tank? I am between a 6 and an 8. I wear a 6 for CRBs and looser tops and an 8 for tops like swiftlys, and built in bras. Looking for advice!

Unknown said...

I always check my app for uploads and it isn't updating. It's still not showing these new items. Anyone else having the same issue. It started as soon as they launched the new app. I have to go into my web browser to see anything.

Anonymous said...

I went to my store and bought Pushing limits bra in black and Lean On LS ( it was on md). I'm planning to wear bra casually bc there's no real support for high impact workouts that I do. Looks very cute

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:24: I'm with you. I love the new color palate because it'll stand the test of time. I love nulu and nulux. The light luon in the power pose tank is nice too.

@Anon 4:29: I tried on both the mesh pop over and jacket. I tried on the pop over before the jacket came out and I commented to myself that I would like it better in a jacket. The kangaroo pocket hit at a weird place for me. The jacket has more opaque parts and I think over time will be more usable than the pop over.

@Anon 5:59: I appreciate the trendier pieces. LLL is fairly on top of the new trends. I buy it knowing that it's for now. Then I buy classic pieces for forever.

Anonymous said...

The Gap has an All Tied up knockoff in their GapFit line. I got a couple of them a while back for about half the price of the LLL ones, and they've been great. They also have it in more colors.

LuluAddict said...

@katrina - I'm hearing comments that the website is still having issues with checking out and that changing browsers might help.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:59 am - I think the comment was we like the colors but not the items they're coming in. I'm not an Invigorate Bra fan so I would like to see the brighter colors show up in the Energy Bra or Free to Be Serene. As for Peri Purple and Figue, I'd like to see those show up in the technical tanks/fabrics like Swiftlys and not Love Tee/Tank since I don't think those tops are very durable or breathe well for workouts.

Anonymous said...

I'm still having problems with the LLL website but had success using Chrome.

Anonymous said...

I went to the store to try on the Transition Multi Wunder Unders, and I think the pattern looks much better online than in person.

Those Pushing Limits Tights make your butt look so square and box-like, it's awful. They should have done something different with the seams.

I also hope they release the Twist and Train Crops in Boysenberry. I bought the Boysenberry Wunder Unders, but I would definitely trade them in for the Twist and Train Crop. The mesh pattern on it looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

I like some of the colors, but the fit is not the same as old Lulu. They use to make perfectly fitted shorts (hello, Trackers, Groovy run times) but not any of the shorts are fitting right these days. Bras and tops are showing my armpit fat, but the original CRB and 50 rep bra NEVER did! Ugggh. I've returned every crop I've bought recently as well. I was actually a big Inspire fan (not the legging though) for outdoor running, and crops like Mod Moves were fab too. I just notice I reach for my old stuff and I've recently discovered Athleta and Gap Fit, which is far more affordable with excellent quality

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! So many nice colors that could be worn outside of gym. I also like that they follow what's currently in

Anonymous said...

I am loving a lot of the new colours but I am in the same boat of not liking the styles. I would love to see these new pinks and lighter blues in Swiftlies. I bought a s/s in black current but then they do boysenberry but for me it's too dark, almost black, so I passed on that one. I am so tired of seeing only black, white or navy for colour choices in jackets. I would be all over a good technical running jacket in any of these newer colours but for some reason LLL is not making them anymore. This is a very sad season for LLL jackets IMO.

Amy said...

@ anon 5:59 am - Agreed, always negativity. If you go back for a couple years on the blog, some Lulu customers have been complaining about uploads for years. What one person thinks is cool and pretty, another thinks is ugly and boring.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous....go with the 6 tied up tank

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:36 AM... definitely size down in the all tied up!