Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Pics and comments to follow.

lululemon summer-haze-multi-wunder-under
Summer Haze Multi Wunder Unders. New try on reports say these are on the sheer side.

lululemon summer-haze-free-to-be-serene-bra
Free to Be Serene Bra in Summer Haze Multi.

lululemon love-tee figue

lululemon tank figue
Love Tee and Sweat Date Singlet in Figue pink.

lululemon hint-of-sheer-crop-top
Only the cropped tank showed up in the Hint of Sheer line.
lululemon love-tee peri-purple
Peri Purple Love Tee

lululemon cotton-cool-racerback royal

lululemon cotton-cool-racerback dark-adobe
Cotton CRB in Royal and Dark Adobe

lululemon essential-tank forest

lululemon essential-tank tiger-space-dye

New Essential tank colors in Dark Forest and Tiger Space Dye. I'll wait to see these in the store.

lululemon whirlpool wunder-under-tight
Whirlpool Wunder Under Half Tight.

lululemon seascape-long-distance-tee
Seascape Long Distance SS. I'd be interested in this but it's $68.

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over
Mesh on Mesh Pop Over

lululemon intended-crop-top

lululemon intended-crop-top
Intended Crop Tee in Navy and Black Currant

lululemon love-muscle-tank boysenberry
Boysenberry Love Muscle Tank

lululemon nile-blue fast-and-free
Nile Blue Nulux Fast and Free Tight

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-short
Mesh on Mesh Short

lululemon breeze-by crop

lululemon breeze-by tight

lululemon breeze-by speed

lululemon breeze-by tracker

lululemon breeze-by train-times-bra

lululemon breeze-by wunder-under
Breeze By White Cast/Light Cast in Pace Perfect Crop, Train Times Tight, Speed Shorts, Tracker Short, Train Times Bra, and Wunder Under Tight.

lululemon train-time-bra
Black Currant/Boysenberry Train Times Bra

lululemon bleacher-blue-swiftly

lululemon bleacher-blue-swiftly

lululemon bleacher-blue-swiftly tank
Swiftly tops in new Bleacher Blue

lululemon dark-carbon-hotty-hot
Dark Carbon Hotty Hot Short

lululemon jaded-wunder-under
Jaded Wunder Under Crop

lululemon shaped-short
Shaped Short, made of Spacer material.

lululemon this-is-yoga-cool-racerback

lululemon this-is-yoga-cool-racerback

lululemon this-is-yoga-love-tank
This is Yoga CRB IIs and Love Muscle Tank

lululemon on-the-fly
On the Fly Short

lululemon storage-scuba

lululemon storage-scuba
Storage Scuba

lululemon mesh-baller-cap

lululemon mesh-tote

lululemon mesh-backpack

lululemon mesh-go-lightly
Mesh Baller Cap, Mesh Carry the Day Bag, Mesh City Adventure Backpack, and Mesh Go Lightly

Some nice colors came out today but not in the styles I like. Did you get anything? 


lulubell said...

It's a shame the solid white didn't come up about 4 inches higher on the front of the Mesh on Mesh Pop Over. I have a cotton version of that shirt from Old Navy and it's my most favorite piece of clothing. I would've loved to get a nicer one! But showing the whole bra in front is too much for me. Too much skin for school drop-off and pick up!

I'm liking the newest set of colors! They are feeling a bit more more cohesive that this past year's releases.

Anonymous said...

That gray and white print looks a lot like the Athleta tie dye white/gray.

Anonymous said...

Wow so much....yikes..the blue nile f and f tight was uploaded last week...i just want to know if its closer to poseiden cuz i dont care for alberta lake. The bleacher blue is gorgeous. The jaded wu crop looks nice as long as colour is not dark green..but more bluey tone. The breeze by crop is cute..not sure i like it in speeds...the whirlpool wu is such a gorgeous colour....oh and summer haze crops...mind you they remind me of a faded mermaid print...not sure i am super crazy about how washed out it looks. My wallet...after 2 weeks of nothing. I still have to go get crbs in toothpaste and seafoam from last week.

Anonymous said...

So bummed the jaded WU crops are luxtreme and not luon. Seems to be the norm nowadays though, all the new solid colored WUs are always in luxtreme now. :(

Rise and Shine said...

Hmm, for some reason, none of the comments I make with my phone come through.

I picked up the Nile Blue FAFs to check the color. They're online only in that shade, so I can't see them in person, unless I buy them, which is annoying.

I really like the Breeze By print, but am not so sure that it would be flattering in leggings. I wish they'd come out with that in a run jacket.

Anonymous said...

hmmm strange! CRB II black and white with THIS IS YOGA on front are all gone? Are they all sold out? I wanted to order both colors. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

Omg this's exciting !! I'm liking so many things. Ordered Speeds in Breeze by, sweat date singlet in pink, and intended tee. Would love to check out hint of sheer only if came in any other color than white and black. Also interested in the new bra that got uploaded in the U.K. , but we didn't get it

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:49 pm - I think the This is Yoga CRBs are Canada only right now.

sylvs said...

i like the pace perfect crops, but not the price

Amy said...

I picked up the Storage Scuba--it's a beefy fabric, very cozy. Although it isn't really the season for a heavyweight sweatshirt, I needed on for travel and so that one is perfect. I think it will keep me warm down to the 50+ degree level. Very happy. I added some Back in Action LS to the order, but just sent them back. The fit is crazy wide and square in the body, and sleeves sort of batwing. Ordered a size down and it's still crazy big. I actually love some of Lulu's more creative cuts but found this unwearable (the fabric's super thin too, would def. show everything underneath).

LuluAddict said...

@Amy - good to know about the storage scuba. Lulu's dropped shoulder tops - the batwing ones - always make odd wrinkles on my chest and I end up leaving them at the store.