Thursday, June 29, 2017

Color Comparison: Ice Milk vs. Aquamarine

The new Ice Milk color versus Aquamarine, in natural light. The top is in direct sunlight. The bottom is in indirect sunlight. I need to dig up Caspian Blue, too, to see how they compare. This Energy Bra is a keeper for me.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Vertical Ombre Prewheeze Whirlpool/Jaded Chase Me Tank. The color is super pretty but I don't love how the back hangs away from your body. I also find the new mesh very delicate so I'll wait to try this on in the store.

Very pretty Ice Milk Energy Bra. I ordered this since I've been on a buying binge for navy tops. The Ice Milk Hotty Hots are previewed in this photo.

Jaded Train Times crops (shown with the Ice Milk Energy Bra).

New Enroute Bag.

Canada got a Dark Adobe Baller Hat.

Faded Zap Cool Racerback II

Quick Pace Short in Jaded.

Hit It 7/8 Tight

Jaded Align Pant

Jaded Chase Me Onesie

Minimal Hoodie

Quick Pace LS

Quick Pace Skirt

Pack Light Short

Quick Pace SS

Soundwave Wunder Under Tights, made of luxtreme.

Soundwave Speed Shorts

Vapor Line Up Tee

Faded Zap Energy Bra

Just the Ice Milk Energy Bra for me today. Did you order anything?

Chase Me Tank, Mesh on Mesh Jacket, Intended Tank, and More

lululemon chase-me-tank
The new Chase Me Tank. This is from a Tennessee store.

lululemon intended-tank

lululemon intended-tank
Intended Tank and Free to Be Wild Bra. The tank looks fine on this woman but I tried it on last week and it was hilariously terrible. Some close up photos:

lululemon intended-tank

lululemon intended-tank blue

lululemon intended-tank hem
Bonded bottom hem.

lululemon intended-tank

lululemon intended-tank
The bottom hem is bonded (blech). The material is light and airy but it's a weird version of Seriously Light luon. 

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-jacket

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-jacket

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-jacket
Mesh on Mesh Jacket

lululemon invigorate-bra-tight
Invigorate Tight and Bra

lululemon hint-of-sheer-crop-top

Uncovered Muscle Tank and Hint of Sheer Crop Top

Special Edition Love Tanks for the Canada 150 celebration. They're all back in stock on the website.

Monday, June 26, 2017

UK Spoilers

lululemon chase-me-tank-ombre

lululemon chase-me-tank-ombre

lululemon chase-me-tank-ombre
Chase Me Tank, made of mesh, in pretty Vertical Ombre Prewheeze Whirlpool/Jaded. This is already hitting US stores.

lululemon faded-zap-crb
Faded Zap CRB II

lululemon faded-zap-bra
Faded Zap Free to Be Tranquil Bra

lululemon chase-me-ss

lululemon chase-me-soundwave

Quick Pace SS, shown in white and Soundwave print.

lululemon chase-me-ls

lululemon chase-me-ls jaded

lululemon chase-me-ls jaded

Quick Pace LS in Jaded.

lululemon chase-me-tight

lululemon chase-me-tight

lululemon chase-me-tight

lululemon chase-me-tight
Quick Pace Tight in Soundwave and Jaded

lululemon soundwave-on-the-fly

lululemon soundwave-on-the-fly
Soundwave On the Fly Pants

lululemon chase-me-skirt

lululemon chase-me-skirt skirt
Quick Pace Skirt in Jaded

lululemon sculpt-tank soundwave
Soundwave Sculpt Tank