Friday, April 14, 2017

In-Store Detail Photos: Mind Over Miles Crops, Loopback Hoodie, and More

I really liked the Loop Back Hoodie in the Magnum color, the black was dull and just looked faded in comparison. The fabric is lightweight and soft and I liked a lot of the detail stitching on the jacket. The fit is very roomy. However, the jacket is short (I didn't mind that so much) and the sleeves were barely long enough for me (and I'm average height). The lack of a zipper garage also bugged me. The ed said that you have to be careful the first few times wearing it since the dye might rub off on lighter colors. I would consider this on a good markdown, the $118 is too high for me.

I had heard the Mind Over Miles crop had a bonded waistband in the non-white colors and I was curious to see what people meant by this. From best I can tell there is a large piece of elastic glued into the top of the double layered waistband. There are small slot pockets in the front of the waistband and there is no interior waist tie. I have a passionate hatred for all things bonded so I didn't even bother trying this on.

The Mind Over Miles LS had a very odd fit - super roomy in the shoulders and upper chest. When you hold out your arms you can see how baggy in the armpits the top is. The fit was snugger at my hips. It didn't look so bad in the front since I'm busty but it looked awful from the back - my upper back was all baggy and it just looked bizarre. The material is the regular weight thick luxtreme so, to me, this is more a fall/early spring piece since it will be fairly warm, especially as you warm up with movement.

Men's Crop Back LS. More and more polyester is creeping into the men's line, I've noticed.


Anonymous said...

I feel like that style of perforation is something I saw a lot of from a number of brands last season. Nothing wrong with it...I just feel like it's a sort if boring offering (though I do like Marvel as a color).

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to take any photos, but there is Boston Marathon apparel out in Boston. Some type of leggings, as well as long sleeved and short sleeved swiftly that all say "Like a BOS(S)"

Anonymous said...

MOM pants/crop are not really worth trying. The waistband is horrible. I hate the 7/8 length, but it was actually the waistband (and the price) that made me walk away. It's too bad, because they do have a lot of nice features, but I don't want to pay a premium when I suspect that the pants will be so uncomfortable that I never reach for them. So sick of all the "innovation" that Lee & Co come up with.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:25pm - "So sick of all the "innovation" that Lee & Co come up with." Totally! "Innovating" seems to mean de-contenting and making everything cheaper. I see no innovation, just taking the value out of the products. I think the laser cut bare elastic used for the backs the Mind Over Miles and Fast and Free bras will look ratty over time.

Eric said...

Men's stuff is awlful lately. Such useless pieces.

Anonymous said...

The mind over miles is selling like hot cakes at the 5th ave NYC shop. I am sure i'll be seeing a lot of gals wearing those at my gym this spring.
They are growing on me.