Friday, April 14, 2017

Comparison: Free to Be Serene vs. Free to Be Tranquil and Energy Bras

Ruby Red Free to Be Serene Bra compared to the Free to Be Tranquil Bra. The biggest difference between these two bras is that the Serene has a wider waistband and it has more coverage in front. As a DD I find both bras low support but they're both comfortable. I tend to fall out the bottom of the Tranquil so the thicker waistband on the Serene is a nice improvement.

Ruby Red Free to Be Serene compared to the Energy Bra. The Energy Bra provides a lot more support than the Serene.


Anonymous said...

I bought this in Ruby Red Free To Be Serene. I'm a 34D. I think it makes perfect sense to increase the elastic width on C/D bras. I also own the Free To Be only issue with the FTB Tranquil bra is there really is not enough support under the boobs for C/D. I love the comfort and fit of the FTB Serene on me. I am typically strictly an Energy Bra girl, but the FTB Serene is a winner for just about any activity that does not include running. It's not a running bra imho.

Anonymous said...

I still think that the free to be serene doesn't have enough coverage for the girls if they are a DD or bigger, the energy is also the same.
I still used the energy but not when doing a lot of inversions.


NOVA Princess said...

Is the Free to Serene bra TTS? I wear a size 8 in the Energy bra and it fits perfectly. Just wondering if I should order a size 8 in the free to serene bra as well. Thank you.

LuluAddict said...

@Nova - I thought the band fit a bit looser than the Energy. If the Energy fits you perfectly you might want to try the size down in the Serene.