Thursday, April 27, 2017

Anew Singlet, Anew SS, Well Being Sweater and More

Anew Singlet, Bra, and Crop photos. You can see the Anew SS in the group photos above, too.

Anew Short Sleeve and Shorts. Shown with a Fast and Free Bra.

Embossed Wunder Unders, Nulu Arise Bra, and Anew Singlet

Anew Crop and Sculpt Tank

Well Being Sweater and Anew Crops

Run With It Jacket and Anew Shorts

Anew Tight and Love Sleeveless Tank

Anew Bra and Shorts

Formation Pace Rivals and Fast and Free Bra
Black Currant All the Right Places Pant and Swiftly LS


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I can see her knee in the last pic #sheer

Anonymous said...

Butt/back panels are always thicker. #noonecaresaboutknees

Anonymous said...

People do care about the knees bc that's one of the #1 spots in leggings that tear, rip or have other trauma, (of course this depends on what you're using them for) I don't buy leggings that are that thin in the knee due to the cross training and floor exercises that require me to be on my knees

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, if only the back of LLL bottoms were always thicker. Not the case at all for this brand, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Hate the new butt seams that go all the way to the legs in lots of the newer crops/tights coming out. It is not flattering, instead of lifting and giving it shape, it splits the butt shape in a weird spot and elongates it sideways ughh.

Anonymous said...

oh you're right. Thanks! I just noticed them. I do a ton of boot camp classes and lots of workouts on my knees.... I won't be buying any more ATRP Crop or Pant

Anonymous said...

Agree, anon@5:05. I don't know if they're cheaper or the idiots on the design team just think they're more trendy, but they're less flattering.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:05 pm - You're right. I didn't even notice why I haven't liked a lot of the newer pants but that is probably one reason. I like the seams in the Inspire Tights and Pace Rivals, which not only visually shape you but give the brand its signature look. The old lululemon team was really genius at placing seams to visually slim you down.

One reason for the different seaming - they're adding an inner layer in the rear to add with opacity. That might be one reason. The other is perhaps they just don't want to do anything like the prior team and are just hell bent on putting their own stamp on the brand, without really analyzing why things were done as they were and there were very good reasons the designs evolved as they did. So many of the updates (or is it "innovations")seem to have been done capriciously, the only thought being to make manufacturing cheaper or making the brand look entirely different.

Unknown said...

Hahaha, if only the back of LLL bottoms were always thicker. Not the case at all for this brand, unfortunately.lulus coupon