Sunday, April 30, 2017

Australian Spoilers

lululemon enlite-bra

lululemon enlite-bra

lululemon enlite-bra magnum

lululemon enlite-bra

lululemon enlite-bra

lululemon enlite-bra
The new Enlite bra. I can't say I'd be buying tanks to show this bra off.

lululemon aerial-drift energy-bra

lululemon aerial-drift wunder-under

lululemon aerial-drift wunder-under
Aerial Drift Energy Bra and Wunder Unders.

lululemon blue-tied-cool-racerback
Blue Tied CRB.

lululemon royal-blue swiftly-ls

lululemon royal-blue sculpt-tank

lululemon royal-blue swiftly-tank
Royal Blue Swiftly LS, Sculpt Tank, and Swiftly Tank.

lululemon train-times-crop

lululemon train-times-tight

lululemon train-times-short
lululemon train-times-bra

lululemon train-times-bra

lululemon train-times-tank
New Train Times Crop, Short, Tight, Bra, and Tank.

lululemon free-to-be-zen-bra
Free to Be Zen in Heathered Black.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Anew Singlet, Anew SS, Well Being Sweater and More

Anew Singlet, Bra, and Crop photos. You can see the Anew SS in the group photos above, too.

Anew Short Sleeve and Shorts. Shown with a Fast and Free Bra.

Embossed Wunder Unders, Nulu Arise Bra, and Anew Singlet

Anew Crop and Sculpt Tank

Well Being Sweater and Anew Crops

Run With It Jacket and Anew Shorts

Anew Tight and Love Sleeveless Tank

Anew Bra and Shorts

Formation Pace Rivals and Fast and Free Bra
Black Currant All the Right Places Pant and Swiftly LS

Lululemon Launching New Enlite Bra May 2 (Updated)

Fit and detail reports are starting to filter in about the new Enlite bra that lululemon is launching on May 2. The new bra is made of Ultralu, has a bonded underband, built-in cups, and a stitch-free two-row hook-and-eye back closure. Though it's supposed to be for larger-busted ladies the sizing stops at 36E/38DD. The price is reported to be a hefty $98. Early fit reports says the recommended fit chart is off so start with your regular bra size (band/cup) and go from there. The bra is supposedly a real bear to get on and clasp. Additionally, one person reported her educator instructed that the bra is hand washable only. 

Update - Ms. Anon was kind enough to share (thank you!!!) some of her close up photos of the new bra with us:

Update #2: Photo of a Marvel Enlite: