Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reveal 7/8 Tight, Long Distance Tank, and More

Reveal 7/8 Tight and Mandala Wrap.

Reveal 7/8 Tight and Turn About Tank

Long Distance Tank and Fast and Free Tights. I tried this tank on last week and liked it but didn't like the colors it came in.

Long Distance Tank and Hotty Hot Shorts

NTS Jogger and NTS Cropped SS


Anonymous said...

WTF is with the mesh design???? When is the mesh faze going to end already.

okollusion said...

@Anon2:51 It's a bit worse than mesh. It's legit fishnet type design. Saw it in store last week and I do like that there are no seams surrounding the design as they can sometimes get itchy. But i really wasn't sure about the fishnet look.