Sunday, February 26, 2017

Australian Spoilers

lululemon lip-gloss-energy-bra
lululemon lip-gloss-sculpt

lululemon lip-gloss-swiftly

lululemon lip-gloss-swiftly-tank
New color called Lip Gloss in the Energy Bra, Sculpt Tank, Swiflty SS, and Swiftly Tank. I'm going to need at least the Energy Bra in this color. It reminds me a bit of the very old color Razzmatazz.

lululemon henna-invigorate-bra

lululemon henna-invigorate-bra
New color called Henna in the Invigorate bra. A more accurate name might have been 'Ace Bandage' or 'Support Hose'. I can already tell this will do no favors against my pasty skin tone.

lululemon henna-smooth-stride-crop

lululemon henna-smooth-stride-crop

lululemon olive-smooth-stride-crop
New Smooth Stride Crops in Henna and Dark Olive. I'm sure Henna will show crotch sweat the minute you even think about sweating.

lululemon more-than-modal-hoodie

lululemon more-than-modal-hoodie

lululemon more-than-modal-hoodie
More than Modal Hoodie. This has potential. I'll probably order one to try since I am always in the market for a cozy soft top.

lululemon more-than-modal-crew
More than Modal Crew.

lululemon more-than-modal-pant
More than Modal pants.

lululemon love-tee
Heathered Vapor Love Tank.

lululemon speeds

lululemon tracker bit-point-gra
Bit Point Ice Gray Speeds and Tracker shorts.

lululemon re-form-vest

lululemon re-form-vest
Re-form Vest, made of Spacer and Luxtreme in new color called Blue Tied.

lululemon aligns
Blue Tied Aligns

lululemonfast-track kit
Fast Track Kit


Dena Oaklander said...


Anonymous said...

I like the new bit point ice grey speeds, but really, how many black/white/grey shorts options does one girl need? Which, in turn, makes me think I won't be buying. Bring back fun prints!

Anonymous said...

Yay colors! Well, sorta.

Anonymous said...

I am dumbstruck by this Henna colour, my first thought was that it looked like a colour used for spanx but now I see "ace bandage", what a horrible colour. I struggle to see any blue in the Blue Tied colour, it looks like another version of a grey and do we really need another grey? The Lip Gloss isin't doing anything for me, it looks very similar to other versions of neon pinks. They have a pretty blue called Blueberry Jam in the Run Times which looks very promising since Run Times in nice solid colours have been few and far between. But these new designs are nothing new at all, just the same old, same old. I think their designers were told to get their design inspiration from words that begin with the letter "B" (not beautiful) but rather, boring, blah, bland, bleak, boxy and basic.

Anonymous said...

Eh I actually liked a few things, but Henna will be a big pass. I like the new align color. I do see blue in that grey and since I missed out on carbon I will probably get those. I like that it's a little darker than carbon too so it should hide sweat better. I like the Lip gloss color as well. I have pale skin so sometimes those bright, coral-y pinks look great and sometimes not so much. It's not a must-have but the fact that it's not black, white or grey is encouraging. The speeds are cute too, but yet another black and white print. And finally, I kinda like the crewneck version of that modal pullover. I too am always interested in those top layers to throw on before/after class. Sometimes I want to run an errand and I don't want to go into the store in my tank top but I don't want to be saddled down with a coat either. Of course it will all depend on the price.

Anonymous said...

"HENNA" the ugliest unflattering hideous color I have ever seen LULU come up with LMFAO . I wouldn't take anything in that color for free! You couldn't pay me to wear that fugly color

Anonymous said...

I am LIVING for that henna and blue tied color!! So pretty!

elise said...

Support hose (aka Henna) is positively the worst color I can even imagine. WTF are they thinking?!?!

Anonymous said...

Ace bandage, OMG I am dying what a perfect description of that color!!! I just cant take the photoshopped legs any more.

Anita Leisser said...

The henna stuff is just horrific. Crotch sweat galore!! LOL
WHAT were they thinking????? It looks like granny support undies.
Loving the Lipgloss though. Finally some color. Wonder if it's a toss up between Grapefruit and Flash?

Anonymous said...

Blue Tied looks similar to Soot - I'm curious to see it in person. And I am definitely interested in real life photos of the Henna pieces. The tan and black combo could look really sharp, like maybe the shorts with a simple black top? Or . . . they might just look like "suntan" pantyhose. Regardless, hoping for some running crops in Lip Gloss!

Anonymous said...

I'm just dying to wear a color that was popular 18 months ago. /s

Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard of Olympia? That's another brand that makes workout stuff. They make tons of stuff skin colored fabrics, little bit darker like coffee, little bit lighter like caramel. Sold out on Carbon. So Lulu is not the first one who came up with this idea. I also saw Kanye Wesr collection , tan bras and crops look pretty sharp

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely checking out that vest, I got couple items made of Spacer last fall and wear them a lot . Also potentially liking Lup Gloss, maybe Pace Rivals? Hanna looks interesting too . Will look gorgeous when I get some tan

Anonymous said...

I love the lip gloss color and the modal fabric- henna is absolutely horrific but I'm excited to check out the rest!

Jillian Gilday said...

I actually love the henna color. I think it's a very trendy "nude" however I don't like the black accents. I would definitely buy it in a solid align or WUP. Not really feeling the design or cut of any of their new things. I hate zippers and color blocking.

MeganARichards said...

I don't understand the color palettes they are using this spring. It's all over the place. A bright, nude, and a gray…. I will pass on all of this.