Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Varsity Blue Shibori Energy Bra and Wunder Unders. I might order these.

Blueberry Jam Pace Rivals

NTS Jacket, made of spacer fabric. I seriously want to know if Holman owns a piece of the factory that makes this fabric.

Squad Goals Tank, made of trinity mesh. I don't love the shape of this tank but I am curious to see this fabric in person.

Blue Tied Sculpt II tank, for those Eeyore days when you need to spread the gloom.

Olive Smooth Stride Hot Short.

Henna Chakra print Wunder Unders.

Chakra Tight Stuff Tights, CRB II, and Wunder Unders.

Blue Tied Align Pant

Heathered Deep Navy Wunder Unders

Blueberry Jam Run All Day Backpack II

Midnight Navy Belt Bag

Nothing for me right now - did you order anything?

UK Spoilers

Sea Spray Dark Chrome Sole Training LS

Squad Goals Hoodie. I believe this is made of sheer luon. The color is Pebble Jacquard. I like this but would get it in another color.

New looser fitting Swiftly LS - the "Breeze" LS Swiftly, shown in Slate and Black.

New Black/White Swiftly in a tank and LS. This is kind of cute.

New green in the Swiftly- Veridian Green/Black.

New print/texture in sheer luon - Squad Goals Tank in Grey Pebble Jacquard.
Henna/Black Energy Bra. I'd love to see this modeled on a woman with pale skin. It's a neat modern look but I know it will look like cr*p on me, plus I think this colorway will look dated quickly.

Free to Flow 7/8 Tight in Blue Tied.

Smooth Stride Tight in Blue Tied/Black.

Invigorate Tights in Sea Spray Alpine White/Dark Chrome and Daisy Dust.

Re-form Jacket in Blue Tied.

Sea Spray Free Dark Chrome/Alpine White to Be Zen Bra.

Illuminight Free to Be Zen Bra

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Australian Spoilers

lululemon lip-gloss-energy-bra
lululemon lip-gloss-sculpt

lululemon lip-gloss-swiftly

lululemon lip-gloss-swiftly-tank
New color called Lip Gloss in the Energy Bra, Sculpt Tank, Swiflty SS, and Swiftly Tank. I'm going to need at least the Energy Bra in this color. It reminds me a bit of the very old color Razzmatazz.

lululemon henna-invigorate-bra

lululemon henna-invigorate-bra
New color called Henna in the Invigorate bra. A more accurate name might have been 'Ace Bandage' or 'Support Hose'. I can already tell this will do no favors against my pasty skin tone.

lululemon henna-smooth-stride-crop

lululemon henna-smooth-stride-crop

lululemon olive-smooth-stride-crop
New Smooth Stride Crops in Henna and Dark Olive. I'm sure Henna will show crotch sweat the minute you even think about sweating.

lululemon more-than-modal-hoodie

lululemon more-than-modal-hoodie

lululemon more-than-modal-hoodie
More than Modal Hoodie. This has potential. I'll probably order one to try since I am always in the market for a cozy soft top.

lululemon more-than-modal-crew
More than Modal Crew.

lululemon more-than-modal-pant
More than Modal pants.

lululemon love-tee
Heathered Vapor Love Tank.

lululemon speeds

lululemon tracker bit-point-gra
Bit Point Ice Gray Speeds and Tracker shorts.

lululemon re-form-vest

lululemon re-form-vest
Re-form Vest, made of Spacer and Luxtreme in new color called Blue Tied.

lululemon aligns
Blue Tied Aligns

lululemonfast-track kit
Fast Track Kit