Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On Track LS, Cadence Crusher Tights, and More

lululemon on-track-ls cadence-crusher-tight

lululemon on-track-ls cadence-crusher-tight

Aurora On Track LS and Tiny Geo Cadence Crusher Tight. This combo is super sharp.

lululemon on-track-ls

lululemon on-track-ls

lululemon on-track-ls cadence-crusher-tight

I tried the On Track LS on last week and really liked it. I thought it was a nice update to the 5 Mile LS except not as stretchy.

lululemon cadence-crusher-tight

lululemon cadence-crusher-tight step-to-it-jacket
Cadence Crusher Tight, pretty new print "Heathered" black LS Swiftly, and the Step to It Jacket.

Cerulean Scuba Hoodie IV

Strive print Wunder Unders


Anonymous said...

I agree! The first outfit is on point from the top down to her shoes. I'm digging the gray and purple combo a lot. LLA, would you say the On Track LS is TTS? TIA.

emily said...

I have the Step to It jacket and really like it. It's a roomier fit, but great for the rain. I needed a rain jacket that was slightly heavier, without being hot. It keeps me pretty warm, even without being lined with fleece or anything warm.

Anonymous said...

The woman in the first two photos looks fabulous. Agree with the super sharp outfit, right down to the shoes!

I realize it would be a conflict of interest with other sports brands, but I am surprised there has never been a co-branded LLL running shoe. I'm sure this deal could be worked somehow. If LLL never pursued it, surely they could have developed their own.

While my LLL clothing gear has lasted years, my running shoes do not given the amount of mileage I put on them. So while LLL now hates all the LLL hoarders of clothing, shoes you are forced to replace for sound health reasons. Plus with outfits like the above, you can force a whole new addiction haha

Anonymous said...

The woman in the first two photos looks fabulous. Agree the outfit looks very sharp including the highly co-ordinated shoes!

I'm surprised LLL has never tried to work a deal (to my knowledge, I really have no clue) with a shoe company to co-brand some shoes. Sure there could be a competition issue but it could also be a win-win. Outside of that, they could have created their own. I think in the past people would have jumped on LLL shoes. I can't say I'd do so today.

lulubell said...

Love that outfit in the first few pics!! This is where Lulu really shot themselves in the foot IMO. There used to be so many photos every week of eds in cute outfit combos. Many times, I'd buy the whole outfit based on those photos. When Lulu started discouraging those store pics, it really slowed up my buying. I'm way more likely to purchase after I see multiple pics of the clothing "in action." Or often times, I would notice a top or bottoms I may have overlooked in boring website photos...kind of like the purple shirt. Not too exciting on the website, but adorable on this girl.

LuluAddict said...

@lulubell - I agree. Some of the stores were really creative when coming up with outfit ideas.

Kristen said...

Pretty scuba! This isn't on the US site. Do you know if it's in any stores yet??

Anonymous said...

Tried cadence tights today in inkwell. Like the fabric, hugged sensation and they are pretty long. I am 5'5 closer to 5'6 and have some"gathering" at the ankle. Thinking to get one
BTW, ended up getting new 7/8 from athleta( new soft powervita fabric). It feels exactly like aligns, buttery soft, hugging nicely and 79, not 98)