Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Upload

There are a few new things added to the website today - The blah Lightly Jacket and I 'm not really sure what else. However, the item that has people most excited are the Blooming Pixies WUCs that are in WMTM. I know people were sending away to Australia and haunting Strategic Partner stores for these when they came out. For some reason, they never hit US stores and the website. Now is your chance to get them. From what I have read they run a bit smaller so if you are between sizes you might want to size up.

Pricing Muscle Going Weak?

Repriced down $30 from the original price of $98

Price under the sticker is $98

A couple of repriced items. I hear people are getting $25 GCs in their emails, too. People who have Strava Premium are getting $30 GCs, too, though I don't know if that is a Strava or lululemon thing.

How's that muscular pricing working out?

"we have really – over the last I would say 12 months to 18 months built a new muscle within the Company, within our merchandising team around pricing. And it started with a very important project the BCG led for us and actually helped us step from that project away from not just understanding where our pricing architecture fits within the industry but also helping us build the internal processes so that we can have a more sophisticated approach to having price our goods." -- Stuart Haselden, from the Dec 2016 Q3 Earnings Call