Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Newest Bras - Double Tap, Infinite Motion, and Fit Physique

lululemon double-tap, fit-physique, infinite motion
A very handy photo of the newest bras - Double Tap, Fit Physique, and Infinite Motion.


Some new Pace Rival prints - Line Up and Suited Jacquard. I'm pretty sure the jacquard is textured but I like the Line Up print so I ordered them to try. Line up reminds me a little of the old Nesting Bird print. Update - Wow! I just checked my spreadsheet and I haven't bought a new pair of Pace Rivals since August!

The line up print is available in quite a few new bottoms: Mesh Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants (the website says these are luon but I'm not surethe print ones are luxtreme, the black are luon), Luxtreme Hi Rise Wunder Under Crops (I ordered these since I'm not sure whether I want this print in Pace Rivals or WUCs), Regular waist luxtreme Wunder Under Pants, and luxtreme Hi Times Pant.

Double Up LS. This reminds me of the Open Your Heart tops but I want to see them in the stores. I'd also rather have a scoop or crew neck instead of a turtleneck in these.

The Iced Wave/Iced Breaker WUPs intrigue me but I suspect they'll look like crap on me so I'll wait to try them at the store.

Black Midnight Tulle WUPS

Hi Rise Wunder Under Half Tight. These are interesting but I suspect they'll end up behind my knees most of the time. They'll probably be great for petite ladies.

Lab Night Wunder Under Pant

Stirrup Wunder Under Pants

Infinite SE Wunder Under Pants

Fit Physique Tank, priced at a rather eye-popping $68.

Fit Physique Tights

Fit Physique Crop

Fit Physique Bra

Hero Blue CRB II and Energy Bra

Cerulean and Hero Blue Scuba IVs

Double Tap Bra

Pricey Deep Indigo No Shivers Bomber Jacket

Inkwell Kick the Cold items.

I really like the Sit In Lotus sweater but I can't justify a merino top for my climate.

Life Lines Cerulean Tracker Shorts.

Did you get anything today?

NEW in Stores: Sit In Lotus Sweater, Double Up LS, Fit Physique Bra, and More

New Sit In Lotus Sweater. This is also $98 in the US.

Reversible Double Up LS. I believe the opposite side is striped.

Jacqaurd Define in Suited Jacquard. I'm sure this is textured.

Fit Physique Bra

New All Day Tote

Nocturnal Teal Fast and Free Tights, Fresh Tracks Half Zip, and More

Fresh Tracks tech fleece half zip and Nocturnal Teal Fast and Free Tight.

Kick the Cold Funnel Neck. Shown with Iridescent Featherlight Tights and Midnight Tulle Wunder Unders.

Breeze By Muscle Tank and Fast and Free Nocturnal Teal Tights. I tried on the Breeze By the other week and liked the material a lot but the armholes were way too low and open for my comfort zone. If they tweak this style a bit or come out with another using the same material I'd consider it.

Fleece Please Pullover. This is the jacket that has a bit of a trapeze shape.

Rest Less Hoodie, Midnight Tulle Multi Wunder Unders, and the Run for Cold Pullover.

For the first time in forever, lululemon is offering gift boxes. About time! It always struck me as odd they never really had them at holiday time. Ages ago they had this brown cardboard envelope thing that had a big lululemon sticker as a seal but that is the only gift box I remember.