Thursday, December 8, 2016

In-Store Photos: Slate Rest Less PO, Hit it Tank, Run It Out Tight, Sit in Lotus Wrap, and More

Rest Less Pullovers have been very popular since they were first released two years ago but I have yet to buy one since I never liked the patterns they came in. That ended today when I bought the Heathered Slate. Rest Less POs are on par with thick rulu tops when it comes to warmth. The fit on this is pretty roomy and the top is nicely soft and cozy.

Hero Blue Outrun Half Zip tag

I tried on the new Ripple Jacquard and Hero Blue Outrun Half Zips. The Ripple Jacquard is nicely thick but fits on the snug side. The Hero Blue is on the thinner side but the color is very pretty.

External side of the Kick the Cold.
The Kick the Cold is lightweight, warm, and a roomy TTS. I don't really have a need for a top like this so it's an easy pass for me. I'm not a big fan of spongy-feeling polartec either.

The Acadia LS fit like a maternity top - tight in the shoulders and arms and flared out like a tent at the bottom.

The Hit It Tank was very plain for its $68 price tag - an easy pass.

Front zipper pockets.

Reflective striping on the ankle.

Front slot pocket.

Back "pack it" pockets.

I really liked the Run It Out Tights. The Ripple Jacquard ones are textured, similar to Spray Jacquard. The Midnight Tulle Multi are very pretty and nicely opaque. The pocket set up on the tights is nice - there is one front slot pocket, two thigh zipper pockets which fit my iPhone 6s+, and two back pack-it pockets. There is also reflective striping on the underside of the ankle hem. There is a lot of seaming all over the legs but it's not as noticeable in the black and Midnight Tulle tights. I didn't love the blue print since I already have something similar in my Deep Sea Speed Wunders but I'm hoping these tights will come in a print I do like. The waistband on these is nicely high, too.

The Sit In Lotus Wrap is a ton of material - I felt like I was wearing Harry Potter's cape. I've read that people have been sizing down but I figured the slit it the back won't it right on my rear. I'd much rather have a cotton knit wrap so I didn't bother trying on more sizes.

The two-tone Swiftly was nice but didn't work for me.

Run It Out Shorts in Line Up White/Black print. I like this print.

Thursday Upload

Pretty new print called Flossy Dark Carbon in the Scuba IV.

Flossy Dark Carbon Speed Shorts.

Frozen Fizz Define

New Lightly Jacket, made of luon. Is this a potential Define replacement?

Fresh Tracks Jacket, made of tech fleece. I like the idea of a tech fleece jacket. However, I'd like a higher neck to be able to make a true turtleneck and this year's tech fleece is too thin.

New Polartech Kick the Cold Hoodie, Jacket, and Funnel Neck pullover. I tried the funnel neck on today. It was warm but I don't love the spongey-feeling fleece.

Step to It Jacket