Friday, December 2, 2016

Fleecing Cold Pullover, Fast and Free Tights, and More

Circuit Breaker Bra and Iced Wave Capri Outrun Crops

It's Fleecing Cold Pullover pics.

Fresh Tracks Half Zip and Fairisle Fast and Free Tights. I tried both of these on Wednesday. The Half Zip is much thinner than last year's tech fleece offerings. In fact, it seemed more like a thick brushed luxtreme than a typical lululemon tech fleece top. However, if you find lululemon's tech fleece offerings too warm then you should check out the Fresh Tracks. It's nice pullover - it fits TTS with classic styling and good length. I'd consider getting one on steep markdown. 

Re: the Fast and Free Tights - I was surprised by how thick the Nulux in the Fairisle Fast and Free tights felt and looked. It's decently opaque and didn't fade with stretching. I don't care for the pocket situation of the Fast and Frees, at all. I cannot repeat enough how much I hate the external pockets that are sewed onto the outside of the waistband. I also hate the unfinished hem at the ankle. They are very comfy tights but I'm not paying a premium for a pocket situation that isn't ideal. I'd consider getting them for gym workouts on a big markdown.

Iridescent Featherlight Tight. Shown with the Featherlight Bra. I tried this print on in the Wunder Unders. The material seemed thinner than the Fairisle print and faded a bit. I didn't care for the pattern.

Fresh Tracks Half Zip and All the Right Places Pant

Sweatr print Fast and Free Tight, Energy Bra, and Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck. I tried these bottoms on, too. The material was decently opaque but faded a little when stretched. 

Plume Wunder Unders and Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck.