Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday Upload!

Mini Sweatr Multi Like Nothing 7/8 Tight, made of Nulux. Shown with an Energy Bra that was not uploaded. This got put out early in some stores. It reminds me of some of the patterns we saw for the last SeaWheeze and can easily live without.

Speed Tight IV in Variegated Knit. I would love another pair of Speed Tights but I'll wait to see this fabric in the store. They look pretty similar to the Herringbone Speed Tights I already own.

New pattern in the Rest Less Pullover. The pink is electric coral.

Half Zip Rest Less Pullovers in Heathered Black and Slate. I find this material a little warm - I put it on the order of rulu -  for my climate. I wish they'd bring back Swiftly Half Zips.

Fleece Please pullovers, made of cotton fleece.

Hill and Valley Vest. A nice simple vest, made of Swift, that is very tempting to me.

Canada got a pretty Nocturnal Teal Hill and Valley rulu turtleneck.

Hero Blue Fresh Tracks pant, shown in Hero Blue. Made of tech fleece.

Variegated knit luon Wunder Unders.

Canada got the Fluff the Cold down parka.

Dark Carbon Aligns

Canada got a rulu Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck.

Nothing for me tonight. Did you get anything today?

Oh yes, I read a rumor that things will be added to the website every day between now and Christmas.

Featherlight Tights, Fresh Tracks Half Zip, Featherlight Singlet, Plume, Iridescent, and Dazzle Prints, Plus More

Dazzle Wunder Unders and Energy Bra

Plume Print Wunder Unders

Iridescent Print Wunder Unders

Plume and Iridescent Wunder Unders

The new prints - Plume Sweaty Break Free Kit, Iridescent Wunder Unders, and Dazzle Energy Bra.

Featherlight Tights in Black, Heathered Black, and Iridescent Multi. Also shown in the last two photos is the Fresh Tracks Half Zip. Anyone try this top on yet?

Deep Breath Crops in Shatter Weave Desert Teal/Alberta Lake

Featherlight Mesh Singlet (on the left)

Break Free Kit