Thursday, November 24, 2016


Nulux Energy Bra and Wunder Under Pant in Dazzle print. I like this print but Nulux is a no-go on me (I've found it too sheer and/or not enough coverage in every pair I've tried plus the price point is off-putting) so I'll wait to see these in the store.

Nulux Plume Wunder Under Pant. 

Nulux Irridescent Multi Black High Times Pant

Featherlight Tight

Featherlight Bra. I really dislike the lines of this bra.

Featherlight Mesh Singlet. Not loving this and I suspect this is that really see through mesh.

Free to Be Tranquil Bras in the new prints.

Featherlight SS

Free to Be Zen Bra

I was tempted but this - tech fleece Fresh Tracks Half Zip in Black Cherry - but I already own three tech fleece tops and I rarely get to wear them as it is.

Featherlight Shorts

Break Free Kit Sweaty - pouch for your wet things.

Pricey ($98!) Break Free toiletry Kit. This is way too rich for my blood.

I ended up getting a second Insculpt Jacket in Deep Indigo. I really love this jacket. It runs a roomy TTS so you might be able to size down if you like a more fitted look.

The new prints are ok but I'm not really lusting after any of them so they were easy to pass on today. Did you get anything?