Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday Dazzle Print Sneak Peek

lululemon dazzle-print

lululemon dazzle-print

Two more hint photos. This print is called Dazzle.

Ebates at 10% for lululemon!

Ebates is sitting at 10% for lululemon right now. I finally figured out that I need to go through the Ebates site to make my order register with them.

Winter Look Book Photos

Lululemon has been sending out 101 page look books to people. I haven't received one but Ms. C. very kindly shared hers with us. It looks like it's snapshots from the winter video.

It's too bad they didn't photo more colorful outfits because it really pops against the gray location.

Black Friday Hints

black friday
One of the US stores posted this hint as to the new prints we'll see for Black Friday. I know one of my local stores is having extra markdown product brought in, too. Any of you planning on hitting up your store on Black Friday?