Monday, October 17, 2016

Work the Circuit Tank, Wild and Free Tank, and More

Wild and Free Tank, As You Like Bra, Darkest Magenta Align Tights. I took the tags off my Shocking Blue Wild and Free Tank this morning for a weights workout and really loved it. I prefer luxtreme tanks for sweaty workouts anyway since they breathe so well and are wicking but they tend to be clingy. This one is made nicely loose so the clinginess is not such an issue. In fact, you might be able to size down if you want a more fitted look. The V does dip rather low so if you don't like to show cleavage this tank isn't for you but the shape is very flattering. The mesh upper back is great for keeping cool. I liked this tank so much when I got back home I ordered the Fall Net print one. 

This jacket has hit US stores and is called the First Mile Jacket. It's priced at $228. It is fleece with a gylde exterior. 

As You Like Bra, Fast and Free Tight, and the City Bound Hoodie.

As You Like Bra, Fast and Wild Tight, and Down for a Run Vest.

Darkest Magenta Energy Bra and Inspire Tights with the City Bound Hoodie.

Scuba Hoodie, Power Y, and Wild and Free Tight.

Sattva Sweater, Pencil Lace Wunder Unders, and Mantra Leg Warmers

Wild and Free Tights.

Divinity Scarf, Wild and Free Tank, and Wild and Free Tight.

Insculpt Jacket. I tried the Insculpt Jacket on the other day and liked it. Since it's more form fitting the stiffness of the fabric works for this style.  

Jet Pant

Work the Circuit Tank. This looks like she could easily size down.

Australian Spoilers

Lots of Scatter Star Arctic Gray items - Tight Stuff Tights, CRB II, Run Times Shorts, and Both Ways Bra.

Scatter Star Beach Blanket Blue items - Stuff Your Bra, Tracker shorts, and Wunder Under Crops.

New Run Around Tight in Heathered Black.