Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Foreign Site Spoilers

lululemon beach-blanket-cool-racerback
Beach Blanket Blue CRB II

lululemon magenta-all-day-tote
Darkest Magenta All Day Tote

lululemon wunder-under boom-bloom
High Times in Boom Bloom

lululemon free-to-be-zen-bra

lululemon free-to-be-zen-bra
Fall Net Free to Be Zen Bra

lululemon for-love-crop

lululemon for-love-crop

lululemon for-love-crop
Swift For Love Crops

lululemon inspire-tight
Graf Inspire Tights

lululemon essentials-tank
Ice Milk Essentials Tank

lululemon love-racerback

lululemon love-racerback
Olive Love Racerback

lululemon rite-time-pant

lululemon rite-time-pant
Pima Rite Time Pant

lululemon soulful-bra

lululemon soulful-bra
Souful Bra


Darkest Magenta Define. So tempting but I just took the tags off my Jet Set Blue Define this morning and don't need another one. Plus, I have a Potion Purple Define and can't really justify another purple Define.

Darkest Magenta Energy Bra. This is very tempting, too. I was kind of hoping for a Jet Set Blue Energy Bra or more colors in the Free to Be Tranquil bra.

The Chilled Grape Essential Tank finally got uploaded to North America.

Jet Set Blue Essential Tank. I am tempted by this but it looks close to the Tofino Teal Hotwave tank I bought over the summer.

Jet Set Blue As You Like Bra

Boom Bloom Beach Blanket Blue Energy Bra (CAN)

Cotton Love Racerback (CAN). This looks comfy but I'd want it in a COLOR.

Scatter Star Circuit Breaker Bra

Shocking Blue Wild And Free Tank. I'm a fan of luxtreme tanks so I ordered this in the blue and black.

Twee Runner Both Ways Bra

Ready to Rulu Turtleneck in Black and Spray Jacquard. I might have gotten this if it came in a color. I already own a black rulu turtleneck.

Beach Blanket Blue and Fall Net Sculpt Tanks

Pricey ($118/$128 CAD) Wild and Free Tights in Fall Net and Darkest Magenta. I can't say I'm a fan of mesh thigh pockets. They don't seem like they'd be that robust, or, I guess they could be but I don't feel like babying a pocket.

Moonlit Magenta Free to Be Bra

Jet Set Blue Wunder Under Crops and Pant

Gator Green Free to Be Wild bra

High Times in Toxic Fall Net

Military Green Align Pant

All Day Tote Mini

Darkest Magenta Tracker Short

Military Green Jet Pant

Brushed luxtreme Inspire Tight in Darkest Magenta

Darkest Magenta Flow and Go Tight

Speed Tight in Darkest Magenta. I'm hoping these are solid luxtreme but it's very hard to tell from the photos. Exactly when are we going to see Speed Tights or other full length run tights without mesh? It's mid-October now and some parts of Canada already have snow.

Space Dye Camo Jet Set Blue Top Knot Toque. I'm loving all the Jet Set Blue things.

Ooh, nearly missed this - a $118 quilted Vinaysa on the Canadian side. It's not even down. Outrageous. At least the jacket it's modeled with is cute.

And now for the parade of fug...

Cotton fleece Yes Fleece Pullover in Military Green

City Bound Dress. Effing terrible. Who green lighted all the products being made in Spacer fabric? Spacer is stiff and adds bulk. Don't believe all the positive reviews, lulu is deleting the negative ones these days. It's terrible. 

All Time Sweatpant. Not sure why I'd want sweatpants that expose my ankles.

City Bound Hoodie in Indigo.

Stretch French Terry All Time Tank. 

All Time Tee

Did you get anything today? Just the tanks for me today.