Saturday, October 1, 2016

Color Comparison: Brave Olive Vs. Fatigue

lululemon brave-olive-vs-fatigue
Brave Olive Swiftly vs. Fatigue Swiftly. Taken in indirect afternoon light.

lululemon brave-olive-vs-fatigue

Brave Olive CRB II vs. Fatigue CRB. The Fatigue CRB looks rather gray here. 

lululemon brave-olive-swiftly-tank-crb
 The Brave Olive Swiftly vs. the Brave Olive CRB II. I ordered all three swiftly types - the tank, SS, and LS and decided to keep the SS. I found the sleeves on the LS a bit itchy and the tank is shorter compared to the other two versions. I wouldn't mind normally but since the design doesn't go all the way to the bottom I thought it cut me in half too much. I'm also returning the CRB II because I didn't like it on me.

lululemon brave-olive-swiftly-tank
Swiftly Tank on top of the SS. I compared the Brave Olive to my Denim Swiftly tank and they were the same length.