Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tonic Sea Energy Bra, Fast As Light Crops, and More

lululemon tonic-sea-energy-bra marbled-mix-speed-wunder
The first sighting of Tonic Sea in the photos - Tonic Sea Energy Bra and Marbled Mix Speed Wunder Tights.

lululemon fast-as-light-crop
Tonic Sea Energy Bra with the Spray Jacquard Cool Racerback and Fast As Light Crops

lululemon rush-hour-crop
Sapphire Spray Jacquard Rush Hour Crops

lululemon outrun-tight
Spray Jacquard Outrun Tights and Sapphire Circuit Breaker Bra


lululemon antique-paisley

lululemon antique-paisley

lululemon antique-paisley

lululemon antique-paisley fuschia

Full on luxtreme Antique Paisley White/Black and Deep Fuschia in Wunder Under Crops and High Times. I ordered the black and white Wunder Unders. I saw this print in Hotty Hot shorts this weekend and didn't love it but the shorts use the mini version which seems a lot blacker than the larger version used in the crops/pants.

lululemon antique-paisley hotty-hot

lululemon antique-paisley sapphire-tracker

Mini Antique Paisley Hotty Hot and Sapphire mini Antique Paisley Tracker Shorts

lululemon bali-spray-pace-rival
Bali Breeze Spray Jacquard Pace Rival Crops

lululemon bend-and-twist-tank

lululemon bend-and-twist-tank

Pima modal Bend and Twist tank. I was a little tempted by this.

lululemon paisley-sculpt
Sapphire mini Antique Paisley Sculpt Tank.

lululemon florence-speed

lululemon florence-speed

lululemon marbled-mix-speed

lululemon pinstripe-speed-short

New Speed Shorts in Florence, Marbled Mix, and manifesto Pinstripe print.

lululemon split-ls

lululemon split-hoodie
Split LS and Split Pullover. I am majorly tempted by the pullover but would really like one in Black Swan. Update - I went back and ordered this late last night.

lululemon marbled-mix-speed-wunder
Marbled Mix Nulux Speed Wunder Tights. I've read the new fabric feels great but is sheer. Florence print versions are coming soon, according to a banner on the pant page.

lululemon energy-bra-nulux florence

lululemon energy-bra-nulux florence

lululemon energy-bra-nulux marbled
Nulux Energy Bras in Florence and Marbled Mix. I find the Florence print a bit creepy in the photos, like spider webs but I'm dying to try the new fabric.

lululemon paisely-outrun
Fuschia Antique Paisley Outrun Crops. My store has these already.

lululemon energy-bra-hunter-spray

lululemon energy-bra-hunter-spray
Hunter Green Spray Jacquard Energy Bra. I'm not sure why this pretty jewel tone has to be ruined with the Spray Jacquard print.

lululemon rise-and-run

lululemon rise-and-run dusty-mauve
Dusty Mauve Rise and Run Bra

lululemon rush-hour
Rush Hour Tank

lululemon trax-flow-y luxtreme
Luxtreme Flow Y Mini Trax Deep Green/Black

lululemon paisley-both-ways
Both Ways Bra Fuschia Mini Antique Paisley

lululemon paisley-free-to-be
Mini Antique Paisley Free to Be Bra

lululemon paisley-fast-time
Sapphire Antique Paisley Fast Times Bra

lululemon down-for-a-run
Inkwell Down for a Run Vest. I think these might be leftover stock.

lululemon insculpt
Insculpt Vest

lululemon savasana-jacket
Savasana Waterproof Jacket II

lululemon rugged-baller
Rugged Blue Baller Cap

Did you get anything today?

Rush Hour Crops, City Bound Wrap, and More

lululemon rush-hour-crop

lululemon rush-hour-crop

lululemon rush-hour-crop

lululemon rush-hour-crop

lululemon circuit breaker-bra

lululemon rush-hour-crop

Rush Hour Crops, Circuit Breaker Bra, and Swiftly Tank

lululemon city-bound-wrap

lululemon city-bound-wrap
City Bound Wrap and Rush Hour Crops

lululemon belle-wrap

lululemon belle-wrap
Belle Wrap

lululemon spray-jacquard-cool-racerback

lululemon spray-jacquard-cool-racerback

Spray Jacquard Cool Racerback

lululemon love-crewneck

lululemon love-crewneck
Crew neck Love Tee and Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Crops