Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Split Hoodie, Peek Energy Bra, and More

Peek Energy Bra in Greyvy and Peek High Times in Obscurred print. I read a fit report that the Peek Energy Bra fits snug - anyone try it and can confirm?

Light Gray Split Hoodie, Peek Energy Bra, and Obscurred High Times.

Fall Sneak Peek Video

Lululemon uploaded a sneak peek video for the fall line. Here are some screen shots:

 The outfit on the left looks like another digital print but it will now come in an Energy Bra and shorts. The pattern distribution, with the print running up the side of the leg, looks too similar to the Dottie Tribe WUPS. Here is a detail of the print:

The print on the pants in the foreground look interesting.

I like tie dyes but not loving this that much.

If this is textured like Coco Pique they might have potential.

I don't know how much grays and blacks I really need. I think a little of both go a long way. The good news it looks like Pace Rivals and Energy Bras are here to stay. :P


lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve wunder-under-crop
Hi Rise Wunder Under Crops in Obscurred Black Dusty Mauve. I ordered these but I'm hoping there will be Pace Rivals coming in the print, too. I actually ordered a couple of pairs so I could cherry pick print distribution per the recommendation from some try on reviews I have read.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve high-time-peek

lululemon high-time-peek

Obscurred Black Dusty Mauve and Black SE Peek High Times. I really don't care for these in the print. It looks like there is a new bra previewed in the photo of the black pants.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve speed-short

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve hotty-hot
Speed and Hotty Hot Long shorts in the Obscurred print.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve stuff-your-bra
Obscurred print Stuff Your Bra

lululemon dusty-mauve define
Very pretty Dusty Mauve Define. I'd have to try this on to see if it drains me or looks nice against my coloring.

lululemon dusty-mauve power-y

lululemon dusty-mauve wunder-under-crop
Dusty Mauve Power Y and Wunder Under Crops.  The website said the WUCs were luxtreme.

lululemon energy-bra-peek
Funky Energy Bra *Peek edition. Also comes in Greyvy and Dusty Mauve. I'm debating ordering the Dusty Mauve one.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve free-to-be-zen
Free to Be Zen Bra

lululemon wunder-under emperor-blue
Peek Wunder Under Crops in Emperor Blue

lululemon split-hoodie
New Split Hoodie in heathered speckled black. I ordered this to try.

lululemon muscle-swing-tank

lululemon muscle-swing-tank
Muscle Swing Tank

lululemon layer-up-jacket

lululemon layer-up-jacket
Layer Up Jacket in Bordeaux

lululemon layer-up-vest
Layer Up Vest

lululemon locarno-la
Locarno LS, priced at a wallet-emptying $78.

lululemon don't-sweat-it-kit
Rose Blush Don't Sweat It Kit

lululemon runaway-jacket
I don't know who lululemon is trying to fool by calling the Runaway Jacket new.

Did you get anything today?


SE Peek Energy Bra, Peek High Times, Both Ways Bra, and More

lululemon peek-high-times obscurred

lululemon peek-high-times obscurred

lululemon peek-high-times obscurred
Obscurred Black Dusty Mauve print SE *Peek High Times. What a way to ruin a pair of pants. Fortunately, the print also comes in high rise Wunder Under Crops. Shown with a black CRB II and SE Peek Energy Bra in Greyvy.

lululemon peek-energy-bra

lululemon peek-energy-bra

New SE *Peek edition of the Energy Bra. Shown with Sculpt It Tights.

lululemon ceremony-pullover

lululemon ceremony-pullover

lululemon ceremony-pullover

lululemon ceremony-pullover
Ceremony Hoodie, Sculpt It Tights, and Sculpt It Singlet.

lululemon both-way-br
Sculpt It Singlet, Sculpt It Tights, and Both Ways Bra.

UK Spoilers

lululemon marbled-mix speed-wunder-tight

lululemon marbled-mix speed-wunder-tight
Speed Wunders in the Marbled Mix print. It seems luxtreme has been renamed Nulux. This print does nothing for me. Update - Nulux is a new fabric - luxtreme with a naked feel. Can't wait to feel it.

lululemon free-to-be-zen-bra
Free to Be Zen Bra.

lululemon layer-up-vest

lululemon layer-up-vest
Layer Up Vest. 

lululemon maze-jacquard wunder-under
Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Crops

lululemon essential-tank
I didn't love the Essential Tank when I tried it on but I might have to break down for this color - Dusty Mauve.