Monday, August 1, 2016

Swiftly Prices Boosted in US and Canada

Swiftly prices just went up by $10 across all styles, on both the US and Canadian sides. This prices me out of all but the most compelling new colors. They're just too prone to snagging for me to justify $68 for the SS and $78 for the LS. I like Swiftlys for running but I like my silverescent circle mesh tops even better.

The Speed and Run Time shorts also increased, from $54 to $58.

Prices Increased on the Canadian Website

lululemon tracker-short

lululemon pace-rival

lululemon speed-short

lululemon tight-stuff-tight

lululemon city-trek

lululemon jet-crop

A number of price increases have hit the Canadian website. Among them,

Tracker Shorts: $58 to $64

Pace Rivals: $88 to $98

Speed Shorts: $54 to 58

Tight Stuff Tights: $148 to $158

City Trek Trouser: $148 to $158

Jet Crops: $98 to $108

Hotty Hot Shorts: $58 to $64

Run Times: $54 ro $58

Contrary to rumors, prices on Swiftlys have not gone up yet. Right now, there are no increases on the US side.