Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Jungle Green Swiftly SS and LS. I find both these styles, with a print and with black in it, not as soft or stretchy as regular Swiftlys. I will cross my fingers for a space dye or plain Jungle Swiftly tank.

The US got Align Crops today. I believe Canada got them yesterday. The new Align Pant IIs - same waistband and gusset as the new crops - were also uploaded. I ordered the black crops since my store didn't have them in a 12 for me to try on today. That seems to be a thing with the stores I've been to lately - they aren't carrying 12s in various bottoms I've wanted to try. I hope they enjoy absorbing my returns as I order pants to try on.

New Exhale Cool Racerbacks in Heathered Slate/Battleship, Hero Blue, and Black. I really like this tweak to the CRB. I ordered all three. I've found CRBs the perfect top for all the jumping, inversions, and other movements we do in my bootcamp class so I've been getting a lot of use out of mine lately.

Cadet Luxtreme Cool Racerback. Lux CRBs were also uploaded in Black and Grapefruit. I've bought a few luxtreme CRBs from past SeaWheeze stores and can't say I'm a fan. They tend to ride up.

I love the detail on the new Pure Practice Pant. I ordered the black ones to try.

I saw these Time To Shine pants today in the store but they didn't have my size. I ordered the Rio Nights to try. The pattern is kind of crazy but they're the only color that doesn't have mesh in the back.

I had this top in my cart but took it out. Very pretty Yogi Every Day tank in Hyper Stripe Fireside Red Flash Light.

The Run for Days bras are back but only to size ten this time around. Last time around these were made with silverescent luon. 

New Harmony Hoodie

New colors in the Energy Bra *Exhale

New colors in the Enhearten Tank.

Wave Twist Lilac Caspian Wunder Under  Pants.

Canada got an Embossed Samba Snake Define

Samba Snake Wunder Under Crops

The US got the Pretty Prism Pace Rival Crops.

Deep Zinfanel Run Times

New Drop It Low Shorts with a rollover waistband.

New Bliss Break Tank made of Pima Modal. 

New Breeze By Tunic

New Tube and From Skirt.

Deep Zinfandel Speed Track Shorts

Endeavor LS

Flare Ready and Go Tank (CAN)

Pretty Prism Spring Break Away Short

Nouveau Limits Tank

New Studio Crops IIs are out. I am not a fan. I don't care for the elastic opening at the bottom and the lack of detail up the back of the leg.

I went a little berserk this upload but most of the items I ordered were to try on. If the Exhale CRB fits like a regular CRB I might keep at least two of the three I ordered.

Did you get anything today?