Tuesday, March 29, 2016


&Go Endeavor LS

&Go Take Off Fleece

Cyber Jungle Inspire Tights

Cyber Jungle Wunder Under Crops

Blurry Bell Battleship Exhale Wunder Under Crops. I like this print.

&Go Swing Trench

&Go When You're Cold

Deep Zinfandel Daily Practice Jacket

Deep Zinfandel Street To Studio Pant

Deep Zinfandel Real Quick Crops

Deep Zinfandel Tight Stuff Tights

Endeavor Dress

H20 Energy Bra in Harbor Blue. I am debating ordering one of these.

Lilac Nouveau Limits Tank

Lilac Ready and Go Tank. I am curious about this but I'll wait to try it in the store.

Lilac Swiftly Tank

Pretty Prism Speed Crops. I have this in my shopping cart but not sure whether I will get.

Blue Tropics Swiftly Tank

Canada got the Black Swiftly tank but not the LS or SS. The US did not get this.

The US got the Pink Paradise LS and SS Swiftly tops.

Canada got the Miss Mosaic Rack Pack Bra.

Stride to Tide shorts and Tidal Flow Net Top. 

Deep Zinfandel High Times

Transcend Crops

Did you get anything today? I am still mulling over a couple of things. I ended up ordering the Harbor Blue Energy Bra and Pretty Prism Speed Crops.

&Go When You're Cold Wrap, Endeavor Dress, and More

&Go When You're Cold Wrap ($168) and &Go City Trek Trousers ($148). I know a lot of people like it but I hate this wrap. 

The &Go When You're Cold Wrap definitely looks better on tall ladies.

Take Off Fleece and Endeavor Dress ($128)

Photos: Zparkle Productions
 The Rack Pack Bra on a bustier woman. Shown with the Salute the Sun Singlet and Tranquil Tights. 

UK Spoilers

lululemon waterproof-savasana-wrap

lululemon waterproof-savasana-wrap
Waterproof Savasana Jacket in Hero Blue. I like this one.

lululemon red-grape-posey scuba
Very pretty Red Grape Posey print Scuba.

lululemon red-grape-posey speeds
Red Grape Posey Print Speed Tights. I'd love this in a crop.