Friday, March 18, 2016

Rack Pack Bra, Stride to Tide Tank, and More

lululemon rack-pack-bra inspire-tight

lululemon rack-pack-bra
More Rack Pack bra photos. Also shown are Miss Mosaic Inspire Tights in the top photo and a white Define in the second. It's a little obscured with the phone and Kind bar (lol) but the woman in the second photo looks to be fairly busty so it's nice to see how the bra looks on her. 

I took the tags off my Rack Pack bra a couple of days ago and have worn it a couple of times. I really like it and find it very comfortable.

lululemon stride-to-tide-tank
Boom Juice Stride to Tide Tank.

lululemon rack-pack-bra tranquil-tank
Red Grape Tranquil Tank with a Rack Pack bra underneath.

New What We Love

None of the stuff previewed this week but I do like this green Cyber Jungle Hero Blue twist pattern. I hope some Pace Rivals or Wunder Unders come in it.

The If You're Lucky is back. I can't tell what is different enough to make this is a "II" version. If I had to guess, I'd say it doesn't look as oversized as the original version.

Here is the original version:

First version of the If You're Lucky LS

Weird that Mini Coast Camo is back. Was this a delayed item?

This is pretty. So is the scarf in the header photo.