Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pretty Prism Run Times Shorts, Rack Pack Bra, and More

lululemon pretty-prism-run-times-shorts

lululemon pretty-prism-run-times-shorts

lululemon pretty-prism-run-times-shorts
Heathered Slate Cool Racerback, Porcelaine Free to Be Wild Bra, and Pretty Prism Run Times Shorts.

lululemon rack-pack-bra speed-track-short

lululemon rack-pack-bra speed-track-short

lululemon  speed-track-short
Posey Speed Track Shorts and Rack Pack Bra.

lululemon posey-sculpt-tank
In Flux Jacket, Posey Sculpt Tank, and Tranquil Crops.

Pistachio Cool Racerback Color Comparison: Summer 2015 to March 2016 Versions

lululemon pistachio-cool-racerback

lululemon pistachio-cool-racerback
Last summer's Pistachio on the left compared to the new Pistachio, on the right. The new one is a touch brighter but I think it's hard to tell without seeing them side by side. It could be due to my old CRB being washed a few times. I know my Zippy Green Energy bra looks dull as heck these days. The interior stitching is different, too.

lululemon pistachio-cool-racerback

lululemon pistachio-cool-racerback
 Taken in the fluorescent light of my laundry room. The top photo is with a flash. My older Summer 2015 CRB is on the left and the new one on the right.

lululemon pistachio-cool-racerback
 Taken outside in indirect natural light. My old CRB on the left and the new one is on the right.


Photos and comments to follow.

Lots of new colors - Rio Nights, Samba Snake, Simply Radiant, Paradise Geo, and Lilac - in the Tracker shorts on the US side. 

Pretty Prism Run Times Short

Rack Pack Bra in Flare and Black. US stores also have the Paradise Geo Regal Plum color, too.

Hero Blue (this seems more like Lakeside Porcelaine to me) / Seven Wonders Multi Speed Crops.

New mesh Race to Place Hat. This is tempting but it's $38.

The US got the Pink Paradise CRB this week. I ordered it.

Rio Mist luxtreme WUCs. My store had these today, they are backed in white.

Speed Track shorts.

New Time to Shine jacket in white and black. This looks like a fast turn around concept to me. Nothing I hate more than this type of non-collar collar on a jacket.

Sea Mist 5 Mile LS and Swiftly.

Bordeaux Wunder Unders

The Canadian side isn't working right now but these are notable - Jungle Green WUCs (CAN)

Pretty Prism Multi (CAN)

Paradise Pink (CAN)

Just the Paradise CRB for me today. Did you get anything?

UK Spoilers

lululemon porceleain-scuba
Porcelaine Scuba III

lululemon tidal-flow-net
lululemon tidal-flow-net
Tidal Flow Net Top

lululemon tidal-flow-one-piece

lululemon tidal-flow-one-piece

lululemon tidal-flow-one-piece
Tidal Flow One Piece

lululemon h20-energy-bra

lululemon h20-energy-bra
New H20 Energy Bras in Harbor Blue, Paradise Camo, and solid Black. These are 10 pounds more than the regular Energy Bra so I wonder what the delta will be for us.

Rack Pack vs. Strap It Like It's Hot, Energy Bra, and All Sport Bra

Rack Pack to Strap It Like It's Hot bra. The bra band elastic on the Rack Pack is nearly as wide as the Strap It. I think the Rack Pack also comes up a tad higher in the armpit. The fit on the Rack Pack is a little more relaxed than the Strap It Like It's Hot.

Rack Pack vs. an Energy Bra. The bra band elastic is wider than the Energy bra and the front coverage is higher.

Rack Pack vs. All Sport Bra. The Rack Pack has more front coverage, much better armpit coverage,  and a wider bra band elastic.

I don't have a Stuff Your Bra to compare it to but here are photos on the same lululemon model:

Stuff Your Bra on top and Rack Pack on the bottom. The bra band elastic is wider on the Rack Pack.