Friday, February 19, 2016

Rain On Train On Pullover - Try On Comments and Photos

lululemon rain-on-train-on-pullover
I know I'm not the right demographic for this top since it hardly rains here but I was a little underwhelmed by the Rain On Train On Pullover. I tried to take some photos to illustrate it but the Boom Juice is two-toned. When you see the top in person you can obviously tell which segments of the pullover the water resistance has been applied to since it is a little duller in color than other sections of the pullover. In this photo, the dull portions are the top of the arm and the front of the pullover. The segments along your sides and underside of the arm are a little more saturated in color. Here are a few more photos:

lululemon rain-on-train-on-pullover
In this photo, I think only the back yoke flap and tops of the arms are water treated. 

lululemon rain-on-train-on-pullover
A photo of the shouler and under arm portion. You can see the under arm/side is a slightly darker color than the chest and top of the arm.

lululemon rain-on-train-on-pullover
A photo of the sleeve - the bottom side of the arm is on the left.

lululemon rain-on-train-on-pullover
The hood is made of Glyde and there is no way to stow or roll it up - it's either on or off. I think for $128 you should be able to zip the hood into the collar or at least roll it up and fasten it so it's tucked away.

lululemon rain-on-train-on-pullover
There is no cord pass-through for your music player. I think that is a major oversight, especially at a $128 price point. Maybe I am behind the times in that I haven't made the move to wireless blue tooth headphones yet but not having to deal with remembering to charge yet another item before a run keeps me happy with my inexpensive Yurbud Inspires.

On the good side the luxtreme used in the pullover is very thick and substantial. I didn't care for the horizontal seam across the chest and the yoke at the neck. I much prefer the simple look of the back of this pullover to the front. The fit is snug and you probably want to size up in this.

New What We Love

lululemon make-a-move-tank

lululemon make-a-move-bra

We're getting a bunch of Make a Move pieces next week. They're supposed to be for hot classes. I'm going to need a few pieces in the pink - crossing fingers for a solid CRB. Pink Paradise looks super close to the old Paradise color:

lululemon move-tank paradise-chipper-print
Move Tank

lululemon paradise-cool-racerback
Paradise CRB on top right.

lululemon spring-2009-palette

lululemon flow-and-go-crop

lululemon flow-and-go-tight

There is also new successors for the In the Flow Crops and Ebb to Street Pants coming. The waistband has been tweaked and the fabric has been re-done, too. I wonder if they're gong to use the same fabric as in the terrible (swiftly marked down en masses to $39 in WMTM, and even as low as $19 in some stores) Zone In bottoms.