Tuesday, February 9, 2016


lululemon capoeira-energy-bra

lululemon capoeira-flow-y

lululemon capoeira-free-to-be-wild-bra

lululemon capoeira-wunder-under-pant

lululemon capoeira-wunder-under-crop
We got the new Capoeira print stuff in the Energy Bra, Flow Y, Free to Be Wild, Hi Rise Wunder Under Pant, and Wunder Under Crops. I ordered the Wunder Under Crops to try. I'm usually not a big denim luon fan since I find it hot but I'm taking an outdoor bootcamp class so I can tolerate a bit more warmth.

lululemon salute-the-sun-lakeside

lululemon salute-the-sun-boom-juice
Salute the Sun II in Lakeside Blue and Boom Juice. I ordered the Boom Juice to try and am hoping it fits more like the old 105F tank.

lululemon dandy-digie-cool-racerback
Dandy Digie CRB. I've seen in-store photos and this has a white back.

lululemon boom-juice-cool-racerback

lululemon porcealine-cool-racerback
Canada got solid Boom Juice and Porcelaine CRBs.  I'm going to wait until these come to the US.

lululemon bring-it-backbend
Canada got the very cute Bring It Backbend sweater.

lululemon four-the-helluvit
lululemon four-the-helluvit

lululemon four-the-helluvit
Canada got a pricey $298 Four the Helluvit down lined rain jacket. I would have thought this would have been released two months ago.

lululemon dandy-digie-wunder-under-crop
Dandy Digie WUCS. These are cute but backed in white.

lululemon studio-pant-iii deep-coal
Deep Coal DSP IIIs

lululemon yogi-racerback-4-color-space-dye-black
Black/White 4 Color Space Dye Yogi Racerback. I ordered this.

lululemon done-your-asana-pullover

lululemon done-your-asana-pullover
Merino Wool Done Your Asana Pullover. This is cute but I'd like this in a cotton knit.

lululemon under-wraps-pullover
lululemon under-wraps-pullover
Cute Under Wraps Pullover. I'd like this a lot better if it was 4" longer. (CAN)

lululemon love-tee-naval-windy-blooms
Windy Blooms Deep Navy Love Tee

lululemon boom-juice-groove-short-tall

lululemon groove-short-boom-juice
Boom Juice Groove Shorts

lululemon anahatasana-sapphire
Sapphire Anahatasana LS

lululemon biggy-dot-hit-your-stride-skirt
Biggy Dot Printed Black Ghost Hit Your Stride Skirt. These are cute - I am a sucker for a classic polka dot print.

lululemon all-the-right-places-pant
Hero Blue All the Right Places Pant

lululemon metta-high-times hero-blue
Hero Blue Metta High Times

lululemon gather-and-crow red-grape
Red Grape Gather and Crow

lululemon gather-and-crow hero-blue
Canada also got Hero Blue Gather and Crow crops.

lululemon nouveau-limits-tank porcelaine
Porcelaine Nouveau Limits Tank

lululemon pace-rival-skirt shifted-horizon
Shifted Horizon Pace Rival Skirt

lululemon shifted-horizon-speed-shorts
Canada got Shifted Horizon Speed Shorts.

lululemon dandy-digie-pace-riva-skirt
Pace Rival Skirt in Dandy Digie Multi. Note the Rain On Train On Pullover in Boom Juice.

lululemon lakeside-blue-run-times-short
Lakeside Blue Run Times Shorts

lululemon sage-scarg
Merino Wool Minty Pink Sage Scarf

lululemon dash-and-splash-cap
Dash and Splash Cap. I like the looks of the black one but I'm going to wait until I see it in the store.

lululemon baller-cap
Red Grape Baller Cap (CAN)

vinyasa lululemon

Hyper Stripe Sea Mist Hero Blue Rulu Vinyasa

lululemon all-sport checkered-blooms
Canada got a Checkered Blooms All Sport Bra

lululemon red-grape scuba-iii
Heathered Red Grape Scuba III (CAN)

lululemon run-times twisted-dune-alarming
Twisted Dune Alarming Run Times Short (CAN)

It was a rather big day for me - the Boom Juice Salute the Sun II, the Capoeira WUCs, and the Yogi Racerback. Did you get anything today?

Hong Kong Spoilers

lululemon boom-juice-5mile-ls
5 Mile LS in Boom Juice. I'm going to order this if we get it.

lululemon boom-juice-swiftly-ls

lululemon boom-juice-swiftly-ls
Boom Juice Swiftly LS. I like it but am worried the texture makes the top fit a bit differently. I might order to try it if we get it.

lululemon cover-me-ls

lululemon cover-me-ls

lululemon cover-me-ls

lululemon cover-me-ls
Cute new UPF top called the Cover Me LS. I might like this in another color.

lululemon sweat-it-out-tank

lululemon sweat-it-out-tank

lululemon sweat-it-out-tank
Sweat It Out Tank

lululemon gather-me-slightly-jacket
lululemon gather-me-slightly-jacket

lululemon gather-me-slightly-jacket
Gather Me Slightly Jacket in Ultra Light Swift. This reminds me a lot of the Go the Distance Jacket that I bought last summer. My Go the Distance has become my go-to jacket and I wear it a few times a week.

lululemon twisted-dune-alarming-pace-rival-crop

lululemon twisted-dune-alarming-pace-rival-crop

lululemon twisted-dune-alarming-pace-rival-crop
Twisted Dune Alarming Pace Rival Crops. These are interesting. I might order them.

lululemon keep-it-on-the-down-low-vest

lululemon keep-it-on-the-down-low-vest
Keep It On the Down Low Vest. This one is weird.

lululemon checker-blooms-multi speed-shorts

lululemon checker-blooms-multi speed-shorts
Checker Blooms Multi Speed Shorts

lululemon dash-and-splash-cap
lululemon dash-and-splash-cap

lululemon dash-and-splash-cap
New Dash and Splash cap made of swim material and mesh. Shown in Chalk Shift Horizon Multi print and black.

lululemon tracker-short alarming
Alarming Tracker Shorts

lululemon clip-in-long-line-bra

lululemon clip-in-long-line-bra
The Clip In Long Line Bra is back in the Dandy Digie Print.