Saturday, December 24, 2016

UK Spoilers

On Track LS in Astro Blue and Aurora

On Track Tank

On Track Singlet

On Track Crop in Life Lines Polar Crop. These have bonded seams. I am not a fan of bonded seams since they tend to be stiff and if they come undone lululemon cannot repair them.

On Track Tight in Circuit Cerulean

Luxtreme Wunder Under Life Lines Polar Pink. This pattern seems very Fabletics to me.

Free to Be Tranquil in Polar Pink Life Lines

Polar Pink CRB II

Polar Pink Sculpt Tank II

Nulux Oh La Lace Energy Bra.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. Rumor is upload will be tonight instead of tomorrow. Last year, upload was around midnight east coast time Christmas Day so I'd assume it will be a similar time this year.


Anonymous said...

So let me tell yas a little story about bonded seams. Pace rival crops have bonded seams for the thigh pockets (at least this one pair did that I ended up with). Worn and washed several times no issues. Then, about 5 minutes into a 10k, I feel my phone sliding down my leg. Hmm, these pockets are deeper than I thought, no wait, it's down by my calf now, WTF? Okay, I have another thigh pocket on the other leg, switcheroo, easy day, then, yep, phone started sliding down THAT leg.

Bring to store, "sorry that happened, we can't fix bonded seams, but you can pick out another pair of pace rivals" Well, thanks, that's nice, I do appreciate the hassle free exchange for faulty product, but why make bonded pockets in the first place? "Well, regular seams cause chafing" Okay, then why so many unnecessary seams on latest iteration of speed tights, i.e. back of the leg? No rhyme or reason for some of these design choices. Someone needs to take charge and straighten stuff out at Lulu. It's like when you buy a new car and it breaks down in the middle of the road, yeah, they fix it no cost to you under warranty, but after a few incidents, you think "who needs this hassle? I want something reliable." I'm not trying to sound "whiny" just stating my logic, for what it's worth (probably nada lol)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:51 pm - The Pace Rivals made for the 2016 Sea Wheeze had lots of problems with the bonded thigh pockets. I've bought 10 or 11 pairs of regular Pace Rivals and haven't had any problems with mine, knock on wood. I've also read a story in one of the Facebook groups about the inner thigh seam on the older Proceed with Speed Crops coming undone.

Over the past five years I've run 14 half marathons now, plus a handful of 10Ks and 5Ks plus all the associated training, exclusively in lululemon run bottoms and NEVER had a problem with lululemon pants chafing me from the sewn seams. The regular flat seams are just fine. I think bonded seams are a cost-cutting measure. We saw them come into use under Christine Day and now it looks like Potdevin is using them in more and more items. I won't buy any pants that glues a leg seam. I find the feel harsh and stiff and don't trust the bond to stand the test of time like sewing does. Moreover, the glued seams are un-repairable.

Anonymous said...