Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tonic Sea Energy Bra, Fast As Light Crops, and More

lululemon tonic-sea-energy-bra marbled-mix-speed-wunder
The first sighting of Tonic Sea in the photos - Tonic Sea Energy Bra and Marbled Mix Speed Wunder Tights.

lululemon fast-as-light-crop
Tonic Sea Energy Bra with the Spray Jacquard Cool Racerback and Fast As Light Crops

lululemon rush-hour-crop
Sapphire Spray Jacquard Rush Hour Crops

lululemon outrun-tight
Spray Jacquard Outrun Tights and Sapphire Circuit Breaker Bra


Anonymous said...

Please, no more mesh! Gah

Lottie_Lulu said...

I wish they stop putting mesh in the leggings, I have my doubts as to whether they really do let the air circulate as they always look like someone's stitched part of a pair of tights/pantyhose into them. I just end up looking like a fat prostitute in leggings with mesh sections, I never look all glam as they do on the LLL website.