Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hounds Camo Cool Racerback II, Fast As Light Tank, and More

Hounds Camo Emperor Blue/Black CRBII, Free to Be Bra, and Hotty Hot Skirt. 

Fast As Light 2 in 1 Tanks and Circuit Breaker Skirt.

True Red Fast As Light Tank and Hounds Camo Wunder Unders.

Fast As Light Tank and Tracker Shorts.

Easy Breeze Wrap, Hounds Camo CRBII, and Super Purple Wunder Unders.

Hounds Camo CRBII and Circuit Breaker Skirt

Power Purple Swiftly LS. I checked this out in the store and it didn't seem to be woven any differently than the older colors there.



Anonymous said...

LLA, I agree. I also checked out the new L/S PP and red/black swiftlys and found no discernible difference in the feel. I like the new greyvy color a lot. As I posted earlier for this who may not have seen, it's not as red casted as nightfall, so slightly less purposely. More of a greyed out blue. Did not like the new buckets of fun bag material at all. Scored a pair of just returned wee stripe cocoa high waist WUP! Did not like any of the new prints.

Anonymous said...

I tried on the new CRB II today and it is AWFUL IMO.

The length is not as problematic as expected, but I am petite so I may not be the best authority on that matter. (My tall friend found the new version a bit short.)

I also do not mind the slightly higher neckline, though I prefer that my bras can peek out in the front of the original CRB if I wish. (In truth and fairness, the neckline is fine for me in the II.)

However, what I HATE, HATE, HATE about the new iteration of the CRB II is the skinnier and more angular racer. Plus, the arm holes dip down very low to expose the "wings" of the back in a VERY unflattering way. I carry my weight in my legs rather than my torso, but the extra exposure made me feel self-conscious.

Moreover, I would never be able to wear this CRB II as a layer (as I do with the original) for both work and working out. Indeed, that I can transition from the office to studio in the CRB makes it one of my favorite pieces of clothing. The CRB II lacks that versatility because the cut is neither flattering nor classic.

I agree with many others who believe that LLL should have been more strategic in releasing colors and patterns in the original CRB. In an odd way, I think if LLL had made fewer colors (with NO repetition) and only special patterns (I know that's subjective, but ...) the old version would have sold well. A glut of neutral and orange (and for a while stripes and more stripes) colors sitting on the (horrid new) site forever is not enticing.

In any case, the higher price tag of the CRB II just makes it that much easier to resist. I can honestly say this new CRB will not tempt me. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

I went to my store today and I did not notice any difference with regards to the new colours of the Swiftlys.

When I casually mentioned to an educator that prices seemed to have increased, she went into a whole spiel about new "advances" in the materials used that necessitate a higher price point. When I pointed out that the 64$ white Trackers that I was looking at had been released for quite some time, she told me that they had to increase prices on old stock because these new "technological advances" (her words, not mine) had been costing the company money for months, so they were trying to recoup some of the money that Lulu had been losing (for *months* people!).
I was *this* close to asking for an example of some of these recent and costly "technological advances", but figured it was not worth it.

Unknown said...

Swiftlys cost more due to the dying process. They are now dyed twice to make sure they are saturated enough.

reya said...

initial thought, I want to know if anyone would actually play soccer in white lulu shorts (grass stains) haha
Besides that, I spoke with the long time nice lulu Ed this morning and he was filling me in after the meeting they had that morning - he said the swiftlys aren't changing at all but the FIBERS that go into them went up in quality so there's now BETTER polyester and nylon fibers going into them. I asked why they didn't include that in their new brief marketing clip for the swiftlies (with the girl running on a track wearing one) and he said the company wants the educators telling the guests in person. I'm just not quite sure I buy the whole "higher grade fibers" thing... He says they should ever less prone to snagging anyway which was never a problem with my swiftlys in the first place.

Anonymous said...


not sure I understand your comment. Not sure I've ever heard of color saturation being an issue with swiftlies. Also, on the heathers, I believe those are yarn dyed not piece dyed, so the double dying doesn't make sense to me. Are you sure your info is correct? If someone wants a more saturated color, they'd approve a more saturated lab dip. Can you elaborate?

LuluAddict said...

@ reya - you would think teams wouldn't choose white for soccer uniforms but you'd be wrong. My son's high school team had all white - shorts, shirt, and socks (!) uniforms. I could have killed whoever chose white. High school soccer is played Thanskgiving-February here, prime rainy weather. I did a lot of soaking to remove the stains.

I'm still skeptical about the improvements to the swiftlys. I felt up the power purple swiftly today and it didn't feel any different. You think you'd feel something. However, my ed did tell me they are going to have more saturated colors coming, like the solid black. Not colors blended with black but saturated solid colors. I look forward to that.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy all this. I honestly think it's BS. Even if they are trying to improve a few things, I don't believe it costs *that* much more that they need to raise already high prices. We have been paying high prices on things that the quality just hasn't matched up with. When I first started buying Lulu, the prices were lower but the quality was high. Then they started cheaping out and raising prices. I think if they want to make improvements to help bring the quality back up to where it used to be then that would come closer to matching up with the prices we have been paying, if that makes sense (not good at putting my thoughts into words).

Anonymous said...

I just read a comment a couple of posts back (the CRB II post showing the difference between the blue CRB and the new camo CRB II) where a reader commented "Kool Aid drinking getting underway, I see." and have to say this was my thoughts exactly as I've been reading through these latest posts. I couldn't agree more. I mean, I love Lulu too, but come on...

Anonymous said...

I wear my white lulu shorts for my soccer games. I like that they are lined and not see through. I also wear white swiftly long sleeve under my jersey in colder weather.