Tuesday, July 5, 2016

UK Spoilers

Very cute pima cotton Cruiser LS. I wonder why the men get tops made of the thicker and more durable Vitasea and we get Pima Cotton. I love my Vitasea tops, they wear like iron.

Dew Drop Hero Blue Wunder Under Pants.

New color in the Compassion Tank.

Hero Blue Refresh Maxi Dress

Getaway Shirt


Becca said...

Do you think we will get hero blue speed shorts? I'm holding off on the hotty hots in hope!!

F C said...

Does anyone know why vitasea has completely disappeared from the women's line for almost a year? Even things that USED to be vitasea are now pima cotton (much less durable and comfortable in my opinion.)

Anonymous said...

yeah I like the vitasea material too, the modern racerback tanks are made w/ that right? I lobe those tanks they sure are stingy w/ those baby's seems like they release them once in a blue moon and then only in white gray and black....... I would love to see those in some pretty colors muted colors like a nice nude pink or sea salt blue or perhaps an aqua blue.... they never come out w/ a aruba type blue bugs me! I know i am complaining right :)

Shellie said...

I see they uploaded Deep Indigo Align Crops - it is hard to tell color on the computer screen...is the deep indigo a true navy color or is it more purpley?

LuluAddict said...

@FC - I know! All the pima cotton tops are so darn thin that you really can't wear just a bra underneath them. I really wish they'd go back to Vitasea for at least the fall/winter tops.

@ anon 2:47 pm - the Modern RBs used to be made of Vitasea. I'm not sure if they still are.

@ anon 5:09 pm - the color looks more navy to me on my big desktop screen.