Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More Goal Crusher Collection

Goal Crusher Tank and Tights with Dottie Tribal Energy Bra.

More Goal Crusher Tights

Intensi Tee, Goal Crusher Tight, and City Sky Run By Shorts


Anonymous said...

GC tanks looks good. maybe because I don't visually associate it with a ripped fabric. just a nice pattern on the back.
GC crops are ok-ish. borderline ripped pantyhose but you can get away with it.
GC tights are just tragic. ripped pantyhose at its finest. I'm sure we all have a pair like this somewhere in our closet

Anonymous said...

I agree with you !00%, 10:02. I am definitely considering the pretty tank. But those tight are just awful, especially in black because of the ripped pantyhose effect.

Anonymous said...

That mesh looks like something Madonna would have worn on her arms in the 80's!

Anonymous said...

The convoluted design of the mesh on the Goal crusher tights and crops does not look visually attractive. This is the type of mesh that will get dated in the blink of an eye too. LLL clothing is getting more and more expensive and I consider it an investment, since the resale price is still acceptable. So I try to stay with more classic pieces that still have a little visual interest. This mesh just looks tacky and the integrity of it is questionable. (Yes, I saw those two lovely holes in the picture of the blue tights!)