Tuesday, June 28, 2016

UK Spoilers

lululemon pack-it-in-bra
lululemon pack-it-in-bra
The UK upload is early for today and has a number of new items, thanks to reader ilovemytoothbrush for tipping me off. New Pack It In Bra for C/D ladies. This bra is already in Canadian stores. Check out the puckers at the bottom of the bra - I really wish lululemon would hire some bustier models. They have the one blond woman but they don't use her too often.

lululemon beat-the-heat-tank

lululemon beat-the-heat-tank
New luxtreme tank called the Beat the Heat. This is aimed at C/D ladies. I need to give this a try.

lululemon beat-the-heat-tight
Beat the Heat Tights. These are also in Canadian stores.

lululemon pop-cut-fatigue-5-mile-singlet
lululemon pop-cut-fatigue-5-mile-singlet
Pop Cut Fatigue 5 Mile Singlet

lululemon pop-cut-tight-stuff-tights
Pop Cut Boom Juice Tight Stuff Tights

lululemon purr-suit-onesie
lululemon purr-suit-onesie

lululemon purr-suit-onesie
Luxtreme Purr-Suit Onesie

lululemon pop-cut-fatigue-festival-bag
Fatigue Pop Cut Festival Bag. These are in US stores.

lululemon tracker-short-ripple
Mini Ripple Desert Olive Trackers

lululemon ripple-energy-bra
lululemon nami-wave-energy
Mini Ripple Boom Juice and Nami Wave Energy Bras

lululemon seal-gray-camo pace-rival-crops
These have already shown up in Australia but I hope we get them today, too - Camo Space Dye Seal Gray Pace Rival Crops.



lulu said...

The Camo Space Dye Seal Gray Pace Rivals have been in my store for 2 weeks now... Chicagoland! I initially purchased them but realized I have a very similar version that also has black accents at the pockets which I like even better :). So mine went back .
I'm hoping to see the pop cut fatigue print in the pace rivals that has shown up in the tight stuff tight

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - really? I have been looking in my stores for them every time I go and nothing yet. The black accent pocket ones are a version of heathered black, I believe. I know, I want pop cut fatigue pace rivals, too.

Andrea S said...

Seriously they need to stop with the onsies.

surlygirl said...

wow. love the new bra and tank! I'll have to swing my lulu during lunch to see if they are in yet. and hope that they work for me! I'm a DD or E depending and the strap it like its hot bras and tanks will probably always be my favorite.

K said...

I saw the Dance Studio Crop II yesterday in my local store (Washington DC). I loved the first one and I was wondering if this is new??? The educator wasn't helpful at all (no surprise there) when I asked her if this style is coming back.

Anonymous said...

The Beat the Heat Tights are also in the US too (Washington DC - Logan Circle).

Anonymous said...

Not enjoying any of these items

Anonymous said...

OOhhh!! beat the heat tank is giving me scoop neck & run stuff tank visions! :) :) :) I'm really salty about paying full price for lulu items now since I am constantly seeing them at a discount, in store, literally a week after i've worn my item!

Courtney said...

Can someone please explain Lulu's thought process behind the Run with the Sun long sleeve shirts and the Beat the Heat TIGHTS? I understand covering yourself up to keep the sun off your skin, but it seems to me that if you're trying to "beat the heat" you aren't going to put on long pants! Today's high where I live is 108 degrees...I'm going to go for the shorts and a tank top. Does anyone live anywhere where they would specifically pick up either of these items to run in the summer? I'm actually pretty interested..

Also, ditto on the poor choice of model for the new bra. I'm a D, and not only are our choices pretty poor when it comes to cute bras to run in, they add insult to injury by putting an obvious A cup model in the bras meant for us bustier gals!

Anonymous said...

@luluaddict, on June 14 you posted about the Pavement Pusher Bra for us C/D ladies that was on eBay. Any idea if this will be in our future uploads?

Rungirl7 said...

They are on the US website! I think they were a stealth upload!

Shadowy Lady said...

That onesie -_- I'm sure some people can pull it off, but I'm not one of them...

Surleygirl - I'm interested in that bra and hoping it's as good as Strap it Like it's Hot. I'm a 34E and I find most of the times bras aimed for C/D ladies are not enough support for me...

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why they continue to show bras designed for C/D cup women on models with an A cup. They must use C/D fit models in the design process, so why not find the right size models for the photographs as well!

Anonymous said...

I really like the bra and might have to grab it. I'm switching between the rack pack and run your stuff and I love the support and coverage they give. I'm hoping for some more running gear today in the upload!

Anonymous said...

Does the beat the heat tank come in a 12? All colors are already sold out online and no stores have it. I was really excited to try it!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to just say it - yes - girls with boobs for bras that are made for girls with boobs is kind of a no-brainer??? But please can we also get some girls with a$$ - Like actually work out and have some booty! the girl in the pop cut crops couldn't possibly have less a$$.
I know, yes I know, not the nicest thing to say. BUT there are REAL girls out there who are not twigs - we are thick girls - girls who crossfit, or lift, or run - we have muscles, or **gasp** maybe even a little extra fat??? Can we put some of THOSE girls in the photos???
That's why I love this blog - the photos represent the real world. I buy much more LLL based on THIS BLOG than I ever do on their website photos - ESPECIALLY now that the website changed.
OK rant over - I bought nothing this week :)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:22 pm - I agree. They need to get a model with some quads and booty to model shorts like Trackers.

Anonymous said...

LLA and 4:22 I still don't understand why they just don't use athletic women for the photos. It seems that a lot of the high end companies like lulu and Sweaty Betty only use the typical runway type models.