Tuesday, March 29, 2016

UK Spoilers

lululemon waterproof-savasana-wrap

lululemon waterproof-savasana-wrap
Waterproof Savasana Jacket in Hero Blue. I like this one.

lululemon red-grape-posey scuba
Very pretty Red Grape Posey print Scuba.

lululemon red-grape-posey speeds
Red Grape Posey Print Speed Tights. I'd love this in a crop.


Anonymous said...

The US got those speed tights as part of last weeks upload.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sad that this Scuba 3 is the only choice we have now... really missing the Scuba 2. There have been a number of colours and prints in the new version that I would have bought if it was the scuba 2, and this print is one of them! I tried the Scuba 3 and the fit isn't right for me, too loose around the middle and boxy shaped for me, even in the size 2 size down (hourglass shape, small waist with big bust and bum for my size - things that have no shape in the waist aren't flattering).

lulubell said...

YES!!! I was looking at those speed tights yesterday thinking if they were crops, I would have walked them right to the register....SOLD! They are pretty, I'm just not in the mood to buy pants or warm clothes anymore. It's been 70 everyday where I live.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I actually really like the Waterproof Savasana Jacket. I haven't liked any of the new products in months, but this looks very promising. Unfortunately, I can't do Hero Blue, so the only other option is black. Practical, but dreary.