Friday, March 18, 2016

Rack Pack Bra, Stride to Tide Tank, and More

lululemon rack-pack-bra inspire-tight

lululemon rack-pack-bra
More Rack Pack bra photos. Also shown are Miss Mosaic Inspire Tights in the top photo and a white Define in the second. It's a little obscured with the phone and Kind bar (lol) but the woman in the second photo looks to be fairly busty so it's nice to see how the bra looks on her. 

I took the tags off my Rack Pack bra a couple of days ago and have worn it a couple of times. I really like it and find it very comfortable.

lululemon stride-to-tide-tank
Boom Juice Stride to Tide Tank.

lululemon rack-pack-bra tranquil-tank
Red Grape Tranquil Tank with a Rack Pack bra underneath.


Anonymous said...

I ordered the rack pack bra. Hoping it works as well as the run stuff your bra.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, I have to say I like the way the WMTM has been re-organized into categories, such as Newly Added, Tops, Bottoms,
Accessories. When there are large WMTM listings; this categorization makes it so much less confusing.

I like the new Rack Pack bra too; esp the 2 contrasting colorways /or color blocking colorways along the front/ back straps/pockets (other than the black Rack Pack bra..which is all black, of course).
Hope this stays. I also hope the Stuff Your Bra stays too!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:18pm - I agree, I like the categories, too.

Jenny said...

Which do you like better rack pack or strap it like its hot. I have the run stuff and it doesn't really fit. SILIH is the only bra I want to wear now to work out in and I just wish it came in white and other colors. I guess I'll be heading to the store this week.

LuluAddict said...

@Jenny - For working out - Strap It Like It's Hot hands down, no question. It's the best shelf bra for busty women lululemon has ever made. They need to make it a core item, in my opinion. I've bought all the colors already but will buy more if they make them.

surlygirl said...

I agree! the SILIH bra is my fav at the moment ... I want the bra and the tank in more colors/prints. I only managed to snag a couple bras and one tank before my size sold out.

Jenny said...

@Luluaddict The SILIH is the ONLY sports bra that doesn't hurt my shoulders. I regret not getting the pink diggie one and the blue one. I didn't realize I'd love it so much. I'm would buy all the colors if they made it a core item. Plus, I've always wanted a pretty backed bra even though I'm a DD, it looks so cute under my tranquil tank. I also have 2 of the SILIH tanks and those are gotos for hot yoga. I wish I could have bought all of those too! I'm eyeing everywhere for size 12s even in colors I already have!

KH said...

I tried on the Rack Pack at the store yesterday and really liked it - the straps are really comfy and the coverage is great. I am a B, but do like ALOT of coverage.