Monday, March 7, 2016

Australian Spoilers

lululemon pink-paradise-cool-racerback

lululemon static-blossom-cool-racerback

lululemon black-cyber-stripe-cool-racerback

New Cool Racerbacks in Pink Paradise, Static Blossom, and Cyber Stripe Black. I'm going to need to pink one.

lululemon pink-paradise-tranquil-tank

lululemon pink-paradise-tranquil-tank

lululemon sea-mist-tranquil-tank
New Tranquil Tanks in Pink Paradise and Sea Mist.

lululemon static-blossom-get-down-bra
lululemon rio-mist-get-down-bra
lululemon get-down-bra
Get Down Bra in Static Blossom, Rio Mist Pink Paradise, and Black.

lululemon all-tied-up-tank
All Tied Up Tank in Deep Navy

lululemon static-mist-wunder-unders

lululemon static-mist-wunder-unders
Kara Blossom Wunder Under Crops and Pants.

lululemon rio-mist-transcend-crop

lululemon rio-mist-transcend-crop

lululemon transcend-crop
New Transcend Crops. These are made of luon.

lululemon pink-paradise-enhearten-tank

lululemon static-mist-enhearten-tank
Enhearten Tanks in Pink Paradise and Static Mist.

lululemon happy-yin-year-sweatpant

lululemon happy-yin-year-sweatpant
Happy Yin Year Sweatpants in Inkwell and Speckled Black

lululemon lighten-up-tank
lululemon lighten-up-tank
Sea Mist Lighten Up Tank.

lululemon backpack static-mist
Kara Blossom All Day Backpack

lululemon heathered-black-pace-rival-crop
Heathered Black/Black Pace Rival Crops

lululemon if-you-re-lucky-ls
The If You're Lucky LS is back in black and white.

lululemon jet-crop-slim-cyber
Jet Crop Luxtreme in Cyber Stripe Black

lululemon heathered-black-inspires
Heathered Black/Flare Inspire Tights

lululemon lakeside-blue-what-the-sport-ss
Lakeside Blue What the Sport SS


Anonymous said...

I am super into the pink CRB and the heathered/black Pace Rivals.

Anonymous said...

Canada just had a reload of the if you're lucky long sleeve in all sizes in white. I wonder what the difference is between the original and the new II version? I ordered it and should receive it this afternoon...will see how I like it.

Lululover said...

I might need Cyber stripe CRB. Having hard time to see the difference between Kara blossom and Static mist!

BIA said...

What's the difference between static blossom and kara blossom? I really love the get down bra in the static blossom. Might need to check that out. I love the multi colored prints. I find that you can match them with so many different colored tops that I get a lot of use out of them.

LuluAddict said...

@BIA - I think Static Blossom is a little more compact than Kara Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, is vintage pink close to paradise pink?? Thanks! J (if so, then I will pick it up if it uploads)

Anonymous said...

Is the new pink CBR thin and flimsy? Lately I've been so disappointed by the quality. My Ray and Boom Juice CRB's show every bump and are much thinner than my old tanks.

Anonymous said...

I bought the red cyberstrip CRB from a couple of weeks ago and it is really nice (perfect fabric thickness). Might want this black version as well.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the All Tied Up tank will come back to Canada??

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the tranquil tank. So happy that they are releasing in more colours. Not a fan of sea mist, but crossing my fingers for blues, reds and pinks for the future.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see the Happy Yin Year again, I hope they come here. I haven't liked any of the sweats recently except for the Bolts.

The Transcend crops look pretty awesome.

stylistadiva1 said...

Liking the Transcend crops. I want to see what the Kara blossom Tranquil pant looks like in person. They seem more Jet crop style, not legging.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I must have missed that! I check almost every day, but all I have seen is size 8, or sometimes size 10 available! I would want a 4 or 6 :p

Anonymous said...

Kara Blossom bottoms are denim luon and run small but the print is much cuter in person. I sized up in these. The only other pant I've ever sized up in was the denim luon Capoeira print WU, so if you're ordering, get whatever size worked for you in those ace you should be safe. The get down bra is NOT made for C/D cups despite what the description says. My regular size gave me muffin top boobs and the size up was way too loose in the band. It's also a workout just to get it on. I bought it anyway hoping it may give a bit with wear but I may end up taking it back. I was so excited about this bra! My store did not have transcend crops but they did have tranquil tights which are to die for. Got my usual size in these.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:23 pm- Good to know about the Get Down bra. I just posted a couple of photos of it and I'm not sure I like it. I really hope there are more Strap It Like It's Hot bras coming. It's all I wear for any workout.

Anonymous said...

The new pink crb is nice Luon! Soft, not scratchy, not polyester and not see through.