Tuesday, February 9, 2016


lululemon capoeira-energy-bra

lululemon capoeira-flow-y

lululemon capoeira-free-to-be-wild-bra

lululemon capoeira-wunder-under-pant

lululemon capoeira-wunder-under-crop
We got the new Capoeira print stuff in the Energy Bra, Flow Y, Free to Be Wild, Hi Rise Wunder Under Pant, and Wunder Under Crops. I ordered the Wunder Under Crops to try. I'm usually not a big denim luon fan since I find it hot but I'm taking an outdoor bootcamp class so I can tolerate a bit more warmth.

lululemon salute-the-sun-lakeside

lululemon salute-the-sun-boom-juice
Salute the Sun II in Lakeside Blue and Boom Juice. I ordered the Boom Juice to try and am hoping it fits more like the old 105F tank.

lululemon dandy-digie-cool-racerback
Dandy Digie CRB. I've seen in-store photos and this has a white back.

lululemon boom-juice-cool-racerback

lululemon porcealine-cool-racerback
Canada got solid Boom Juice and Porcelaine CRBs.  I'm going to wait until these come to the US.

lululemon bring-it-backbend
Canada got the very cute Bring It Backbend sweater.

lululemon four-the-helluvit
lululemon four-the-helluvit

lululemon four-the-helluvit
Canada got a pricey $298 Four the Helluvit down lined rain jacket. I would have thought this would have been released two months ago.

lululemon dandy-digie-wunder-under-crop
Dandy Digie WUCS. These are cute but backed in white.

lululemon studio-pant-iii deep-coal
Deep Coal DSP IIIs

lululemon yogi-racerback-4-color-space-dye-black
Black/White 4 Color Space Dye Yogi Racerback. I ordered this.

lululemon done-your-asana-pullover

lululemon done-your-asana-pullover
Merino Wool Done Your Asana Pullover. This is cute but I'd like this in a cotton knit.

lululemon under-wraps-pullover
lululemon under-wraps-pullover
Cute Under Wraps Pullover. I'd like this a lot better if it was 4" longer. (CAN)

lululemon love-tee-naval-windy-blooms
Windy Blooms Deep Navy Love Tee

lululemon boom-juice-groove-short-tall

lululemon groove-short-boom-juice
Boom Juice Groove Shorts

lululemon anahatasana-sapphire
Sapphire Anahatasana LS

lululemon biggy-dot-hit-your-stride-skirt
Biggy Dot Printed Black Ghost Hit Your Stride Skirt. These are cute - I am a sucker for a classic polka dot print.

lululemon all-the-right-places-pant
Hero Blue All the Right Places Pant

lululemon metta-high-times hero-blue
Hero Blue Metta High Times

lululemon gather-and-crow red-grape
Red Grape Gather and Crow

lululemon gather-and-crow hero-blue
Canada also got Hero Blue Gather and Crow crops.

lululemon nouveau-limits-tank porcelaine
Porcelaine Nouveau Limits Tank

lululemon pace-rival-skirt shifted-horizon
Shifted Horizon Pace Rival Skirt

lululemon shifted-horizon-speed-shorts
Canada got Shifted Horizon Speed Shorts.

lululemon dandy-digie-pace-riva-skirt
Pace Rival Skirt in Dandy Digie Multi. Note the Rain On Train On Pullover in Boom Juice.

lululemon lakeside-blue-run-times-short
Lakeside Blue Run Times Shorts

lululemon sage-scarg
Merino Wool Minty Pink Sage Scarf

lululemon dash-and-splash-cap
Dash and Splash Cap. I like the looks of the black one but I'm going to wait until I see it in the store.

lululemon baller-cap
Red Grape Baller Cap (CAN)

vinyasa lululemon

Hyper Stripe Sea Mist Hero Blue Rulu Vinyasa

lululemon all-sport checkered-blooms
Canada got a Checkered Blooms All Sport Bra

lululemon red-grape scuba-iii
Heathered Red Grape Scuba III (CAN)

lululemon run-times twisted-dune-alarming
Twisted Dune Alarming Run Times Short (CAN)

It was a rather big day for me - the Boom Juice Salute the Sun II, the Capoeira WUCs, and the Yogi Racerback. Did you get anything today?


Unknown said...

Also ordered the new yogi racer... debated the new print energy bra, but went with the boom juice energy bra instead.

Anonymous said...

US got screwed, Hong Kong got some beautiful items and we got nothing.....AGAIN

Lululover said...

Pretty boring US upload imo

Rachel Nye said...

Nothing for me. I really hope those CRBs come to the US next week though. And I really want the boom juice speed shorts Australia already has.
I am seriously considering that polka dot hit your stride skirt though. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Meh. I preferred Canada's upload again. I think that makes it like 4 weeks straight now. Sigh. Hopefully the US will start getting the good stuff soon.

Gina said...

Brink it Backbend Sweater only in Canada? UGH! Do you think the US will get it?
I've had a gift certificate since Christmas and this is the only thing I have liked from Lulu in months!

Kendahl said...

I've been waiting all week for the Deep Green Align Pants and we didn't get them in the US. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Still no stop at nothing tanks. I also wanted the hero blue ss swiftly. I like the new salute the sun but I can wait and try it in a store.

Anonymous said...

i got the Capoeira WUC and inkwell aligns. i also have been wanting the herringbone define for so long and finally pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't pregnant, this would have been an expensive upload for me! Cute stuff

Anonymous said...

Where is that cute little bag? Although I'm kind of glad it didn't arrive this week as I have to buy studio II's (boo hoo)

Anonymous said...

I wish the Rain-on Train-on pullover was longer! That's so close to the style of pullover I'm looking for. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Is the salute the sun tank tts or a size down item?

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. Thinking about the Define in the space dye camo white/silver spoon. i LOVE the Rain On Train On Pullover in Boom Juice, but did not see it on the US site...must be CA only.

Unknown said...

Does the yogi racer run tts or is it a size down item? I'm a 4 in most tops but sized down in 105s..

LuluAddict said...

@kierstin elia- I think it's too clingy in a size down, so a loose fitting TTS.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:56 pm - they changed the design of the Salute the Sun so I don't know. I ordered my regular TTS.

@ anon 4:46pm - oh yeah, I forgot about that bag. I want it, too.

Anonymous said...

So bummed the cute purse didn't upload. I went to my store today and they didn't have it either.

Anonymous said...

Finally some decent coloured CRBs. But I have Porcelaine from about what - 5 years ago? It is one of my all time favourite blues, is so soft and still looks brand new. I will likely get the Boom Juice one. Interested in the Dandi Digi Multi but will probably pass as I cannot stand the white backed ones.

In general I don't care for the Shifted Horizon print but I like it in those Speed Shorts so may have to get those speeds (didn't buy a single pair of Speeds in 2015).

Like the look of the Under Wraps pullover but don't know about the collar and hood. Feel it's a little late to be releasing that too for Canada.

Didn't rush to buy anything, which I usually do not anymore with LLL.

Anonymous said...

I went for the inkwell aligns (my first pair) and the hero blue pace rival skirt ( love) and the same yogi tank as u. The other one I ordered never arrived and I am still waiting on resolution from fedex/lulu on that (2 weeks). I like the hit your stride look but have trouble swallowing the 74 price point so won't bite for now. Do people find they take the same size in that as pace rival skirt?
I also am interested in salute the sun but will wait to try on in store. I wish they would just bring the 105f back already!!! Please!!!

Ugh to that sweatshirt in gray more gray and Bordeaux!! Enough already!

Anonymous said...

I wound up getting the brushed Speed Tights in sequin dot black silver from a few weeks ago. I've been waffling on them every week but there was nothing I wanted today so I grabbed them.

Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant but can't control my self... It'll fit in the next year or so haha

Anonymous said...

Liking the bring it backbend sweater, can anyone comment on how that boolux, rayon, cashmere combo holds up? I hate by expensive delicate sweaters that pill and pull. Love the pink though ! Temptation

Anonymous said...

so I guess we need to know how the Bring it Backend sweater fits, tts or size down?

Anonymous said...

Do you think we will ever get the hooded wrap from the spring preview video?????

Anonymous said...

Ugh, anon @5:39, I've been stalking those speed tights for weeks, but they never made it to the US. Super cute.

I really like the look of the Under Wraps pullover and think it might be a good replacement for my Scuba IIs, but I can't face heathered black, gray, or more bordeaux drama. Enough, Lulu. Enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering the same thing. Both eds I talked to said they would go tts for a loose fit or size down. So basically no clearer than I was in the first place

Anonymous said...

Another week with the US being shafted. This is like month 3. What else is new. I'd consider the new DSP, but 10 dollar increase for no lining and less fabric? GTFO lulu!

Anonymous said...

Nothing again this week. The wraps and pullovers are so underwhelming. That under wraps pullover is the most generic looking sweatshirt. I'm sure it's cozy but no way am I paying that much for some non-descript pullover. I like hero blue - hopefully we see a CRB in it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.... lately I'm just not that interested or not interested in paying some of the ridiculous prices. I think I need a lulu break. I know, I can't believe I'm saying this either! It just tipped me over the edge with the define jacket and studio pant price increases. And , I don't need a $168 or $200 sweater or wrap.

Anonymous said...

Love both the Red Grape and the Hero Blue Gather and Crow Crops! Also love all three new CRBs - too bad the new printed one has a white back, unfortunately I'll have to pass on it since the white shows through on those ones across my bust area.

Was really hoping for the Boom Juice Define here in Canada this week. Also the white space dye one too :( We better get these two here in Canada, but I won't hold my breath.

Yin said...

Urg! We didn't get the Bring It Backbed sweater!! :(

I got the Done your Asana Pullover in grey, Align pants in inkwell (Just realized i previous ordered the peacock blue in high times instead of align pants >.< I have the align pants in almost every color), the high rise capoeira print. I was thinking about getting the hit your stride skirt in biggy dot until I realized the price went from $64 to $74 :O WTF! I have 3 of the skirts, so disappointed with the price.

BIA said...

Yes! I agree! Need to find a Hong Kong friend...

Anonymous said...

Anyone tried the street to studio pant ii? Is this a new style? Is it worth $98?

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me again this week. Really want some more CRBs but I already have so many pinks and I don't care for the Digi print. However, if Canada sees a Boom Juice Tataramer Ima grab it.

Anonymous said...

I tried them on in the store yesterday and really liked them. The fabric seems a touch thinner and they feel a bit tighter in the top of the leg, but I didn't do a side by side. I love the bottom of the pants. It looks so much nicer on me than the bottom of my old DSPs. I have four pair of the old and I'm really looking forward to replacing them. I'm waiting for some awesome colors to be released, the red grape wasn't doing it for me. I'd like hero blue or inkwell and black swan grape for starters.

I do think I'm going to have to grab the Street to Studio, another of my faves, in hero blue. They are really adorable. I think the In Flux crops are super cute, but for some reason they do not look good on me. I really wanted to like them. Glad they didn't discontinue the Street to Studio as was expected.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Studio Pants have been $118 for awhile now. I remember buying a pair quite awhile ago and barely swallowing the price tag on them and thinking I can't believe i'm paying $118 for a pair of pants! I don't think it's a new price increase on those anyway.

I feel like there was more winter in their spring upload - but right now with weather in the 90's i'm back to running in shorts and a tank anything with sleeves feels "winter" to me. Lol!

Nothing for me. February spending freeze still holding.

Anonymous said...

I would get another pair of DSP III but I am starting to feel like I need to pay off credit cards instead of shopping.

Not a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

I tried on the salute the sun II today because I ordered two yesterday and I was curious whether I would like it and the jury is still out. The slit gaps on me and I can't decide if I will be okay with it. It's not like I would see the back but more like whether if I'm okay with knowing it will gape on me.

California Crystal said...

This past weekend, I was in the store in Pasadena, California and saw the deep green. Maybe you can give them a call?:)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:29 pm - how is the fit in the hips? If it's snug on me the slit will gape for sure.

Cee said...

In image 11/42 (pink "Bring It Backbend" sweater), what color are her bottoms? I can't tell if it's "diamond jacquard space dye black slate" or "coco pique black white." Which of the 2 is better, in your opinion? Thx.