Tuesday, February 23, 2016


lululemon red-grape-define
Red Grape Define. I ordered this since it's such a difference shade of purple. (US). Canada got the Boom Juice Define today.

lululemon boom-juice-cool-racerback
The US got the Boom Juice CRB. I ordered this and am crossing fingers this is different from the thin one that came out last year.

lululemon cyber-stripe cool-racerback alarming-boom-juice
The US also got the Cyber Stripe Boom Juice Alarming CRB. 

lululemon boom-juice-swiftly-ss

lululemon boom-juice-swiftly-ls
Boom Juice Swiftly SS and LS. I ordered the SS since I love heathered Swiftlys. 

lululemon chalk-swiftly-ss

lululemon hero-blue-swiftly-ls

lululemon hero-blue-swiftly-ss
Heathered Chalk SS and Hero Blue LS and SS Swiftlys.

lululemon lakeside-restless-pullover
Lakeside Restless PO.

lululemon pink-paradise make-a-move-tank
Pink Paradise Make a Move Tank

lululemon pink-paradise free-to-be-wild-bra

lululemon pink-paradise free-to-be-wild-bra
Pink Paradise Free to Be Wild Bra. The two prints that make up the straps look interesting. I really love this color. I want a solid CRB and Strap It Like It's Hot Bra in it.

lululemon boom-juice ta-ta-tamer
Another Boom Juice Nouveau Limits Tank with a Dandy Digie multi print bra.

Boom Juice Ta Ta Tamer Bra

lululemon chalk-sweat-it-out-tank

lululemon chalk-sweat-it-out-tank
Chalk Sweat It Out Tank

lululemon cyber-stripe-deep-coal wunder-under
Cyber Stripe Deep Coal Black WUPs. Crossing fingers these are coming out in crops, too.

lululemon flow-and-go-tight deep-green

lululemon flow-and-go-crop hero-blue
Deep Green Flow and Go Tights and Hero Blue Flow and Go Crops. I'm curious to try the crops on in the store.

lululemon make-a-move-bra
Dandy Digie Make a Move Bra

lululemon make-a-move-ls

lululemon make-a-move-ls

Rulu Make a Move LS

lululemon make-a-move-tight
Inkwell Make a Move Tight

lululemon posey-tracker-short

lululemon posey-sculpt
New print called Posey in Tracker Shorts and Sculpt Tank.

lululemon hero-scuba
Commuter Denim Lakeside Blue Scuba III

lululemon tranquil-tank
The US got the Tranquil Tank this week.

lululemon define-pullover
lululemon define-pullover
Canada got a luon pullover called the Define Pullover in Heathered Slate, White, and Black.

lululemon stop-at-nothing-crop
Blooming Pixie Stop at Nothing Crop (CAN)

lululemon groove ying-yang

lululemon wunder-under ying-yang
New print called Ying Yang stripe in Grooves and Wunder Unders. (CAN)

lululemon triometric flow
Triometric Stripe Flow Y Lakeside Blue (CAN)

lululemon break-free-weekender
Break Free Weekender (CAN)

lululemon cyber-stripe boom-juice wunder
Cyber Stripe Boom Juice Alarming WUPs (CAN)

lululemon fo-drizzle rain-supreme
Apparently the Fo Drizzle has been renamed the Rain Supreme Jacket. I think these are all leftover stock since the linings are the same as the last release.

Did you get anything today?


Unknown said...

Meh...lulu is saving me bank with these boring uploads!

Anonymous said...

I think it's Paradise Pink vs. Vintage Pink in the Make a Move Tank etc. But I know you know that.

Nothing for me today!

Went to my local LLL. Tried on the Tranquil tank. Loved it. For super hot weather I would love running in this (I think), but it says for yoga and I did not read the tag for fabric (vague online). Yes, the white is sheer due to the weight of the fabric. I like it. Feels like it could be light luxtreme. Very soft and cool to the touch. It was TTS for me. 5'6" 130lbs 34D. Size 6.

Tried the Make A Move Tank. Again, loving the light luxtreme fabric. Hope to see other tanks in that fabric. It was also TTS for me. I take an 8 in bra tops due to 34D.

I checked out (did not try on) the Gather Me Slightly Jacket. Loved the fabric and the styling. Has 3 5-star reviews, so looks like a good spring/outerwear piece. I'm waiting for a different color.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like the paradise pink FTBW bra! Can't wait until we get that in Canada :)! Nothing for me this time. I grabbed the space dye silver spoon define on the weekend, so wallet needs a break!

Anonymous said...

Got the boom juice CRB and black gather me slightly jacket because I got the pink version of last years jacket that looks a lot like it (forget the name) and I kick myself because I missed out on black. It's perfect weight for LA

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:53 pm - Thanks. I had a brain fart when I was first typing this up but the colors have to be pretty close. Agree about the prince on the Gather Me Slightly. That jacket reminds me of the Go the Distance, which I own, and I wear that jacket several times a week. It's really useful if you live in a warmer climate.

Anonymous said...

I got one of the fo drizzle jackets let's be real that's what they are !!!

Anonymous said...

If the Define Pullover ever hits the US site, I'm so in. I'm very tempted by the tranquil tank but think I'll give my wallet a rest for while. Hopefully I can hold out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:44 Rude. I'm a grown-ass woman and I have no boobs just like the model. All kinds of bodies.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the make a move tank in white and the pink paradise to try. I have been waiting a while for lulu to release a new lower support loose tank (like the wild tank) Since we never got the lighten up tank for whatever lame reason. I hope the back isn't exactly like the nouveau limits tank if it is they will go back. I also ordered the black gather me slightly although not my first choice of color but useful.

I took a gamble and ordered the lulu pant in naval blue on WMTM. Does anyone have and like? I am nervous since never tried...

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me although I like the FTBW bra, my favourite bra for hot yoga and running (am small busted).

The Boom Juice CRB is a decent thickness and softness (as gauged while on hanger), I examined it in store in Canada. Was not totally sold on the colour though - thought I would be - so did not purchase yet. Might rather have a second Porcelaine one to back up my one from a few years ago. Also waiting for some items to migrate to md.

OttawaLuluLover said...

Nothing for me tonight.. Pretty boring upload! The rain supreme jacket is definitely from last year - the black/white pigment (on the fatigue green version) and mystic jungle print (on the black one) are dead giveaways that those are just leftovers from last year! booooo! Stop selling me old stuff as new, lululemon!
The only eye catcher for me today was the posey print! Looks like a black/white geometric rose - love it! Reminds me of the good old days of creative prints like ikat and unicorn tears!!

Anonymous said...

I'd have scooped up those Make a Move tights in an instant if I wasn't about 99% sure they'd pill the moment I put them on. They'd make amazing lifting tights otherwise!

Head over heels for the Gather Me Slightly jacket in very light flare - I've been looking for a nice rainy running jacket but I've spent too much on lulu this year already. That said, if my new Align Pants pill or pop a hole I'll have $98 to spend from the return :') The red grape define also caught my eye but I've never owned a define and the bad reviews about pilling make me antsy!

Also @4:44 no need to be mean! Not all women are built the same, all bodies are beautiful :)

Lululover said...

I'm really liking Tranquil tank and the new Cyber stripe pant. But I don't wear WUP anymore, it's either HT or WUC when it's warm. So I'll wait till one of those versions shows up.

Anonymous said...

Yawn again this week. However, I need a new bra and have been waiting for new Tata Tamer colors so will grab Boom Juice but that is it!!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel like lulu needed to change the name of the fo drizzle... None of us are that daft ... The addicts I mean mostly lol. I stil would of bought it because I missed it last year. It's funny most department stores sell off last years collections discounted... Not lulu ! They tried to fool us. It doesn't bother me that much I just think the length they went to is really sad ! Oh lulu. Never gonna learn

Anonymous said...

How do I get the define pullover in the US?

LuluAddict said...

You have to wait until it comes here or find a Canadian friend to ship to and who will then forward it to you.

Anonymous said...

At 4:44, not cool, all of us are sized differently. That's why they make the FTBW to fit a small A/B cup. Us small busted ladies get enough body shaming as it is. I'm glad lulu at least makes us pretty bras to feel feminine in!

Samantha said...

Wow, apparently, if you have no boobs, you're 12 years old. Agree with the other comments, all bodies are beautiful, and no need to say something so rude and thoughtless.

I ended up with a decent order tonight, first one that isn't WMTM is a while. I got the boom juice crb, the dandy digie multi run times and make a move bra. Really love this print in that particular color way. Can't wait till they arrive :)

julia said...

I got the Deep Navy Fo Drizzle--er, Rain Supreme--jacket and will likely spring for the Fatigue later. I was waiting for them to go to MD last spring, when poof! They were pulled from the website with full size runs of all colors left. I knew they would turn up again eventually!

I really want the Boom Juice Swiftly SS and LS and more Salute the Sun Singlets (love as much as the 105f) but am trying to behave myself.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:44 - That's a pretty pathetic comment. Not every woman has a set of huge hooters. Some of us have little bee-sting sized boobs that I prefer to think of as sporty.

Anonymous said...

ditto to anon 5:20 - i'm a grown woman and have no boobs or very little and i'm proud and happy with that - no need to body shame other women

Anonymous said...

Did they take down the Rain On Train On Pullover from last weeks upload? I don't see them online anymore...?

LuluAddict said...

It's there but only in black and white.

Anonymous said...

And I had a double mastectomy and have NO boobs and one of the few pluses to that is that I finally get to buy the Free to be Wild bras

Anonymous said...

What an ignorant thing to say anon 4:44! :( I'm really petite with large boobs for my size and sometimes I really hate them and feel envious of those with smaller ones. Sometimes I get really sad that so many people in this world are so overly obsessed with looks and what we've been conditioned to believe of as being beautiful or ideal. There truly is no ideal(or at least there really shouldn't be) and there is beauty in everyone, I wish more people would realize this.

I ordered the Boom Juice Define, Boom Juice CRB, Boom Juice 32E TaTa Tamer, and the Peacock/Aquamarine Mini Check Pique Run and Done Toque from WMTM! I'm in love with Boom Juice :) Very happy to see the Define finally made it to Canada, and that the TaTa Tamer came in E cups sizes! I already have the Swiftly Short Sleeve in Boom Juice Space Dye (that the US got) from last year but now have my fingers crossed for the Swiftly Long Sleeve in Boom Juice!

I like the new Black and White Yin Yang Groove Pants but will hold off for now. Also, agree with the other commenter who likes the new floral Posey print, I like it too, hope to see it on other items :)

Anonymous said...

Incredibly rude 4:44, boobs do not make you a woman. Hopefully you will learn that one day when you gain maturity. I've always thought that model in particular was so beautiful and I honestly never noticed her breast size before.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see now, the new Rest Less pullover has the Posey print imprinted in it. I still will not buy that new Rest Less even though I love the shirt. Why did they have to make is so busy and spacey? They could have just used the Posey pattern as the print just as they did with the prior graphic ones (those I have in black and bumbleberry and I love them). I realise some people like the "sweater" pattern more but anyway, too bad they ruined this shirt in its current iteration.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 4:44, please get off of the internet.


Anonymous said...

They actually had to change the name of the jacket for legal reasons *cough* snoop dogg's lawyers *cough* and I'm not joking haha

Anonymous said...

Are the Namastay Put underwear a new item or have I just not noticed them before? They look exactly like the old Light as Airs that were discontinued. Am I missing something or did they just change the name?

I mean, it's not a bad thing, I wanted more Light as Air hipsters badly and was annoyed that they were gone. But it's still weird.

another proud and perfectly happy member of the apparently-I-look-12 flat chested committee

BrownCow said...

Does anyone know if the "rain supreme" jacket will go instores? Or maybe not since its left overs.

Anonymous said...

I'm also very small busted (i.e. - got nothing!) and i'm in my 50's. Not everyone is "blessed" with boobs and not all of us care to augment either. I like that they are using that model. It helps me to see what the bra will actually look like on me!

I do wish they'd quit with the the different color/pattern straps on the bras. Just give me nice solid ALL ONE COLOR straps! If they insist on doing the patterned straps then give us one patterned, one solid. I would bet that the solid color straps (and again all the same color, not this weird staggered thing with 2 colors) would sell out first.

I hope the paradise pink comes in a SOLID CRB and SOLID swiftly tank. It's a pretty pink and i'm really wanting pink in my workout wardrobe. I don't have much for some reason.

Other than that...not much for me to actually purchase.

LuluAddict said...

@ 6:24 am - I'd believe a legal reason. I know the men's Pace Breaker (were Pace Setters, I believe) shorts had a legal reason for their name change, too.

Anonymous said...

@7:33 I believe the namastays are like the light as air but with a seam down the back

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, I know you allowed me to post this comment a couple of days ago, and that it is completely unrelated to Lulu, so I don't expect you to approve it again, but I'm still in a bit of a pickle.

I'm still hoping to find someone willing to act as an Angel for me, but in this instance, I need a Nike Angel! I live in New Zealand, and have been trying to order a pair of shoes through the US Nike store -- a pair only available through the US online store, to the best of my knowledge -- for my fiancé's birthday. I thought everything was going swimmingly; I managed to purchase a Nike voucher to the value of the shoes on eBay, and went to place an order for them on the Nike US web store, using my parcel-forwarding service address... only to find that there is no way I can make an order without a US residential address! Moral of the story: always do your research first! I know I could probably peruse Nike boards online to find someone willing to help me, but I thought I would try my luck here first, as I've always found everyone to be so lovely and helpful. I've been an Angel for others in the past, and have had others offer to do the same for me (though I've never actually taken anyone up on this offer, and these offers were so long ago that I no longer have contact details for any of these people, or I would have turned to them first). So I'm desperately hoping that someone from the LLA community would be willing to help me. Or perhaps you may be able to suggest someone or somewhere I can turn to for assistance. Thanks in advance : )

Anonymous said...

LLA, I am surprised that Anon 4:44's post passed your scrutiny. Take it off, please.

LuluAddict said...

Done. However, I do wish lululemon would use a few models with larger busts, such as you find on the Athleta website and catalog. LLL definitely tilts towards a very athletic bust and it would be helpful to see the tops designed for C and D busts actually modeled with women with that breast size. The Strap It Like It's Hot Bra is a great example.

Anonymous said...

I agree LLA it would be nice to see some bigger breasted models too. It's often difficult to determine online weather a bra or the shirts will look right with a C cup.

Anonymous said...

I ended up ordering the black Tranquil tank tonight after seeing it in the store. I'm not sure why they classified it as "yoga" when the fabric has a very technical feel and seems to have a cooling effect. I will likely wear it to spin and running (possibly yoga too, but that won't be the primary wear it will get). Seems like a very versatile style and fabric so hopefully the fit is good!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can anyone comment on the Stop at Nothing crops that just went on WMTM on the Canadian site in both space dye and blooming pixie? Didn't they just release these and just upload the blooming pixie color THIS Tuesday? Wanted a pair of the blooming pixie but worried something may be wrong to discount so soon?

Anonymous said...

I so wish I was a size B or C. hate having 34 DD in a petite frame. It's annoying and I do not like the attention I get from dudes, it is also a pain to find a supportive run bra.
Also the strap it like it's hot was a big fail for me, way too tight in my size 6.


Anonymous said...

I think it's stupid that Lulu calls both the SS and the LS boom juice swiftly shirts "heathered" when clearly they are 2 different fabrics. THe SS is what I consider to be heathered and the LS is a weird stripe or something..

Anonymous said...

I tried the space dye on in store the other week and liked them but not enough to pay full price. When they hit WMTM today I grabbed them. Definitely think they are worth the sale price and they are flattering on. I can't comment on performance tho...

Anonymous said...

I just received the LS heathered boom juice swiftly. It might be my favorite one yet!!!!! I agree, diff than heathered but super soft and I love the color of it.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:48 am - good to know. I was wondering if it would be soft and stretchy like a regular or space dye heathered style one - my favorite type - or less stretchy and stiff like the patterned swiftlys. My store didn't have any to look at yesterday.

Anonymous said...

FYI I saw the pink FTBW in store yesterday. The stripe print on the straps is definitely leftover Ivivva fabric. It's the beachscape-esque print from last year.